In winter, open windows are one of the reasons that cause most energy wastage in heating systems, through heat dispersion.

In particular, windows may remain open:

  • Deliberately, to ensure correct air circulation and exchange, thus to maintain good air quality within the home;
  • Or accidentally, due to the user's mere forgetfulness.

However, leaving a window open causes the temperature inside the home to decrease rapidly, also making the heating system work excessively and creating an increase in costs, especially if there is nobody at home, or in the room where the window is open.

The IRSAP NOW smart heating system helps you prevent this problem thanks to the open window detection function on its smart thermovalves.


How the sensor that detects open windows works


How the sensor that detects open windows works


The IRSAP NOW wireless thermostatic heads have a special sensor and can detect whether a window is open, deactivating the radiator that it is installed on for a pre-set period of time.

The are really smart: they adapt to the conditions at the time allowing you to save energy.

It can all be managed and altered remotely.

In fact, you can control the temperature smartly, whenever and wherever you want using your smartphone, without  the need for any masonry work. 

Smart valves are compatible with all brands of radiators and the main valve brands on the market.

The valves use an integrated temperature sensor to measure the temperature of the room they are installed in, comparing it with the temperature set by the user.

Based on the set temperature, they regulate the radiator hot water flow dynamically, until the room reaches the desired temperature, considerably increasing efficiency throughout the heating system.

Depending on the entered parameters, the smart system blocks heating if there is a drop of at least 1.5°C in 10 minutes, that would indicate the presence of recirculating air from an open window.

This method prevents gas being pointlessly burnt in the boiler.

Thanks to the IRSAP NOW smart valves, the various ranges of temperature in a room can be perceived thanks to the colour of the LED on the head.

- Blue: 12.0°- 15.5°C
- Light blue: 16.0° - 19.5°C
- Green: 20.0° - 22.5°C
- Orange: 23.0° - 25.5°C
- Red: 26.0° - 32.0°C

It is possible to turn the temperature up or down directly on the cylindrical valve cover. In this case, the colour of the LED will change, modifying the temperature of the room where the valve is installed.

If there are several valves in the same room, changing the setpoint on just one of the valves will automatically change the others.

Subsequently, it will be simple to monitor the set temperature for the room, by consulting the IRSAP NOW app.

If the system should temporarily stop working when an open window is detected, this would also show up in the app.

The system will automatically start up again 30 minutes after the window is opened.

This can all be controlled remotely via the app, that allows you to start up the system again immediately, to return the room sooner to the desired temperature.


Why the sensor allows you to save on heating costs.

Why the sensor allows you to save on heating costs.


IRSAP NOW smart valves can therefore optimise home comfort.

The valve management software monitors all energy consumption, guaranteeing you the possibility of viewing wastage, with details and simple graphs on the app, allowing you to save up to 40% on your gas bill.

The open window detection sensor helps you to avoid wasting energy when it is time to air your home, or while cleaning, leaving the heating on where it is needed inside the house.

It is very important that the Smart Valves are installed correctly. 

If positioned incorrectly, for example in the lower part of the radiator, close to windows with draughts or near the floor, the detection systems may not provide realistic data, with consequent incorrect automatic settings and higher useage than necessary, that would then mean higher consumption and higher bills. 

If possible, do not use radiator covers and do not install the radiator in an alcove, which would falsely increase the detected temperatures.

To the contrary, for the same reason, do not position a radiator close to a window, or near a door, that would lead the thermovalves to detect a lower temperature.

For maximum efficiency, install IRSAP NOW wireless thermostat heads on all radiators in the home, connecting them to IRSAP NOW smart thermostats via our Connection Unit.

In this way, all the valves, while working independently, will communicate with each other by optimally managing the hot water flow inside the radiators depending on where the need is greatest at any given time, thus optimising consumption.

These valves are linked wirelessly, but should the Internet connection be interrupted, they will continue to function by following the last saved configurations.

Also, it is possible to change the settings even without internet connection by manually adjusting each valve.

All this thanks to a radiofrequency communication with the IRSAP NOW Connection Unit.

After the internet connection is restored, it will be possible to manage the IRSAP NOW system again from the app, without resetting the configurations.



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