Heating large rooms can be difficult if you want adequate and even thermal comfort without spending too much.

In this article, we will try to understand why heating a large space can be problematic and how a smart heating system like IRSAP NOW can provide an excellent solution for heating large rooms.


The problem of heating in a large room


The problem of heating in a large room


A very large house is clearly much harder to heat than a small home.

The main problem in heating a large house is the dispersion of heat, especially is if it is one large space, that is not divided up into rooms.

However, even heating a large home with many several rooms can be an issue with  traditional heating.

Indeed, in large homes, the surface area to heat is huge and the energy consumption required to ensure uniform heating is high.

Solutions for heating a large home


Solutions for heating a large home


People often find themselves having to heat large spaces by using stratagems that are not ideal, for example using  electric heaters, fan heaters or halogen heaters.

These devices are often considered to be a useful tool for helping to heat large spaces as they give off heat at a sales price that is usually quite accessible.

However, portable heaters are not an ideal solution at all for heating the home, either from a health point of view, or in terms of economic and environmental advantages.

Electrical heaters allow no energy saving and they have a considerable impact on heating bills.

To actually work, these devices require enormous amounts of energy, to the point that by absorbing a large part of a house's available energy capacity, they make it impossible to use other high-energy consuming household appliances at the same time, such as the oven or hair drier.

Heaters of this type can also generate pollutants, affecting air quality, and also risking dangerous accidents, if left switched on for too long.

So heaters are clearly not the ideal solution for heating a home, whether large or small.

In fact, in large rooms, when the traditional heating is not sufficient for optimal comfort or when costs become too high, there is another best solution.

We are talking about smart heating.

In the section below, we will look at how smart heating’s multiple functions satisfies the needs of those who need to heat a large space.


Why smart heating is ideal for heating large spaces


Why smart heating is ideal for heating large spaces


There are many functions in a smart heating system such as IRSAP NOW that makes optimal heating of a large house easier and more cost effective.

Multizone Mode


Multizone Mode


The IRSAP NOW function that is most suited to heating large spaces is Multizone Mode.

Activating this setting allows you to manage each room in the home separately and in a personalised way.

In larger homes, or houses with multiple floors, this setting is especially useful as it allows the areas of the home used most to be heated more, without wasting energy on heating empty rooms.

For example, if there is a basement room which you only use for special occasions,  such as dinners with friends and family, then you can decide to only heat it when you actually use it, rather than when it is empty.

Similarly, if you have rather a large lounge compared to the other rooms in the house, given the greater difficulty in heating a larger room, you can decide to set a higher temperature in this room. 



Remote Control


Remote Control


Also, another important advantage of smart heating is the possibility of controlling it remotely.

In fact, as it is a connected heating system, IRSAP NOW can be easily managed from your smartphone, using the dedicated app, even when you are out.

So, thanks to the remote control, if you want to change the temperature in all or some of the rooms while you are out, or even turn the heating off if you have forgotten to do so before leaving the house, then you no longer have to go back home to do so, or leave it on for several hours.

As you can control it all remotely, you can adjust the temperature and manage the heating, so that it doesn’t stay on or be set at an unsuitable temperature for a long time.

In this way, you can maintain thermal comfort for those living in the house while avoiding unpleasant surprises when you get your bill, which may be particularly high for large houses.

So, as you can manage your heating simply and intuitively even from remote, you can control the temperature of your home without physically being present, and still find the ideal temperature when you return home.

Voice Commands


Voice Commands


Lastly, another important advantage of smart heating systems is the possibility of controlling them with your voice.

In particular, this function can be especially useful in very large homes, as going from one room to another to adjust the temperature can be rather inconvenient.

On the other hand, thanks to the voice command interface, you can connect your voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home to the smart heating system, to control and adjust the room temperature, without physically intervening.


Discover the advantages of smart heating


Discover the advantages of smart heating


However, all the above is just a taste of the benefits you can enjoy by switching to a smart heating system that you can carry around with you.

If you want to learn about all the advantages, especially the ones for heating large spaces efficiently and effectively, we recommend you take a closer look at all the functions of smart thermostat and smart thermovalves!



Smart Thermostat wifi

Smart Thermostat


The Smart Thermostat allows you to precisely set and measure the temperature of the room in which it is installed. Thanks to its advanced functionalities it also allows you to control humidity and air quality.

Smart Valve


Control  the temperature of each room separately. Our wireless thermostatic valves are compatible with all radiator brands and leading hydraulic valve manufacturers.