Are you building or renovating a home?

If you need advice about kitchens, rooms, or flooring, we can’t really help you.

But if you’re looking for intelligent home automation solutions that can help you to manage your new home better, then you’ve come to the right place.

In fact now, in 2021, IRSAP, leading company with almost 60 years of experience in the sector of radiators (where its expertise is unparalleled 😉) and heating, is presenting a cutting-edge solution, the IRSAP NOW System.

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IRSAP NOW: il smart heating


IRSAP NOW is actually a whole system that gives you the freedom to manage your heating system remotely, whenever you need to and wherever you are, using an app that will give you total control from your smartphone.

And there are countless benefits from using a cutting-edge heat management system.

This innovative heating management system allows you to do many things.

The advantages of remote control system


Not only does IRSAP NOW allow you to programme the times to switch your heating system on or off, adapting it to suit your lifestyle, but you can also manage unforeseen events with ease.

Do you ever go out before or after school or work?

Do unforeseen events mean that you are coming home or going out early or late?

No problem.

Wherever you are, with a simple click and using the app, you can easily “change the programme” for your heating system so that it can adapt instantly to your needs.

This gives you the chance to save in terms of power consumption (and therefore, also costs 😉).

And if you use the “Home/Away” function, then you don’t even need to send the command.

In fact, by enabling the geolocation function, the system automatically adapts to your needs, switching on when you are near home and switching off again when you aren’t.

And if you own a holiday home, thanks to the active or passive remote control function (geolocation), you can enjoy your time away from the get go, since when you arrive, you’ll find that your rooms have been heated to the right temperature.


IRSAP NOW smart home heating app with planning, geolocation and remote control


Smart heating for energy saving: No consumption waste


And there's more.

With the IRSAP NOW System, you can also avoid useless consumption.

In fact, there is a specific function that lets you know when there are open windows at home and then temporarily suspend the heating in those rooms where open windows are detected, so as to avoid wasting heat.

Then, with the “Multizone” function, you can divide heating control in your house, room by room.

This way you can set different temperatures in every area of your home.

That way, if one part of your home has a specific thermal exposure, you can control your system so that it heats to a different temperature compared to the rest of the house.

So if, for example, you have an attic room that is particularly cold, with the IRSAP NOW System, you can make sure that this area is the one that gets the most heat.

This way you can enjoy the comfort of every room in your home while preventing waste, energy use, and costs, to make sure you direct the right amount of heat to the different areas, according to need.

But the advantages don’t stop here…


Not only does the IRSAP NOW app manage your heating system, it also monitors consumption, developing statistics and reports that are easy to read, understand and interpret.

It also lets you choose the most suitable operating mode, so that you can optimise consumption according to preference.

For example, when you choose “Performance” mode, your home will begin to warm up just before you arrive at your set time, and once you are at home, it will already be at the required temperature setting.

The “Green Mode” will allow your system to follow the times you set and therefore, your habits, while continuing to give you the very best in terms of efficiency.

In fact, this mode switches off the heating a little before the set time to make the most of savings, reducing consumption and emissions to a minimum, without losing out on any heat.


IRSAP NOW app: smart heating statistics


What? I want this app…how do I download it?


Do you want to experience the thrill of smart heating system management?

Download our app free from  Play Store and App Store and try it in demo mode to see all the advantages it has to offer.  


Incredible…and it even works with Google Home, Amazon Alexa


No, you aren’t dreaming.

Our system can work with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

That way you can control, command and manage your system in a network, using simple voice commands.


Okay. But what is the IRSAP NOW System? How does it work?


If you’re wondering what the IRSAP NOW is and how you can get all of the benefits it has to offer, then visit our website or read our next article.



Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat


Replace your traditional thermostat with our wireless smart thermostat with advanced functions to easily set the temperature and accurately measure the temperature.

Smart Valve


Control the temperature of each room separately. Our wireless thermostatic valves are compatible with all radiator brands and leading hydraulic valve manufacturers.

Connection Unit & Repeater


The Connection Unit is connected to your home router and is indispensable for controlling all the other devices in the system from wherever and whenever you want directly from your smartphone. 



The Starter is the device which, when connected to your heat generator (boiler or heat pump), manages its switching on and off.