Smart thermostatic valves are devices that help you to easily control the radiator temperature in various rooms. They are simple to install and allow you to avoid wasting energy. In this article, we will find out why it is worthwhile installing them and how to make the most of their functions to reduce consumption and increase comfort.


What are thermostatic valves?


What are thermostatic valves?


Thermostatic valves can be placed in two categories according to their technological characteristics:

  • Traditional thermostatic valves, with mechanical controls
  • Smart thermostatic valves, with a new-generation, electronic controls.

Let's look at how they function and what the distinguishing elements are.


Traditional thermostatic valves and smart thermostatic valves

Traditional thermostatic valves and smart thermostatic valves


Thermostatic valves or traditional thermovalves are devices that can be installed on radiators to regulate the heat that they emit, changing the temperature and power. They work in a rather simple manner: by turning a regulation knob connected to a thermostatic bulb, the thermovalve controls the flow of hot water inside the radiator. Let’s see how it works.

A regulation knob is connected to each thermostatic valve, that usually has a graduated scale on it with values from 0 to 5. When we set the value to 0, the radiator valve shutter closes and the radiator is inactive. If, on the other hand, we set the value to 5, the valve is fully open and the radiator works at its maximum power.

The regulation knob is connected to a thermostatic bulb, which is heat-sensitive, meaning that it expands and contracts according to the room temperature. More specifically, when the room temperature is higher than the one set on the regulation knob, the bulb expands, blocking the passage of hot water through the radiator. If the temperature is lower, the bulb contracts, and the water can pass through.

Since 2017 in Italy, the installation of thermostatic valves has been mandatory for all houses with a central heating system. A divider or heat meter must also be installed with the valves, which measures the radiator's exact consumption of heat.

The obligation to install thermostatic valves was introduced following European Union directives on energy efficiency.  It is, in fact, possible to establish the exact energy consumption of each apartment using thermovalves and the divider. In this way, those consuming less energy do not have to pay as much as those who consume more and this encourages a more mindful, responsible use of heating.


How do smart thermostatic valves work?


How do smart thermostatic valves work?


Just like traditional thermostatic valves, smart ones also work by regulating the flow of water inside radiators, thus managing the heat emitted by the heating elements. Both types of valves thus prevent a radiator from overheating or not heating a room enough. Smart thermostatic valves, however, have new functions that the traditional ones don’t have, and that make them even more advantageous to use. Let’s look at them together.

Firstly, to use traditional thermostatic valves, we must manually move the regulation knob. On the other hand, smart thermostatic valves can be controlled remotely, also via your smartphone, without any need to intervene manually. This function offers the advantage of being able to control the temperature in each room precisely and in a different way, even when not physically at home.

Another distinguishing feature of some smart thermovalves, including the IRSAP NOW ones, is that they have smart sensors that detect any open windows. Activating these sensors means that the heating automatically deactivates, thus preventing a pointless dispersion of heat and its negative impact on heating bills.

Another useful setting on IRSAP NOW thermovalves is Holiday mode. By selecting it, the smart valves will be set to the antifreeze temperature and the system will notify you if the boiler stops working. So you can enjoy your holidays without the fear of any unpleasant surprises when you return home.


What are the advantages of smart thermostatic valves?

What are the advantages of smart thermostatic valves? 


The biggest advantage of smart thermovalves is that they optimise the heating system’s performance by following the needs and habits of those living in the house. If, for example, you are in the lounge reading a book and there is nobody in the other rooms, using the app on your smartphone, you can set the temperature of the other rooms so that it is lower than the temperature in the lounge, thus saving considerably in terms of both money and for the environment, reducing the cost of bills and carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

In addition to being controlled remotely, another advantage of smart valves is the possibility of connecting them to your home voice assistant, such as Google Home, Alexa or Amazon Echo. All you will need to do is pronounce a few simple commands to change the settings on the valves in a certain room and obtain the desired temperature.

With smart thermovalves inside the IRSAP NOW smart heating system, it will be possible to set the temperature of each room in advance at any time of day, according to your own weekly, daily and hourly needs. The temperatures in each room will therefore be adjusted automatically, without any need to remember to change it or to intervene manually.

A further advantage of the IRSAP NOW smart thermovalves is that they have a manual block, that guarantees child safety. Thanks to this tool, children in the home cannot change the valve status, even if they can reach the valve.

Aesthetically, IRSAP NOW smart valves have the advantage of being available in twenty different colours. All you need to do is choose the right colour to make sure your smart valves match your radiator and house décor.

IRSAP NOW smart thermostatic valves are compatible with all radiator brands, with all types of valves and are extremely easy to install. Helped by our installation guides, you can configure the system autonomously, simply and rapidly. If you don’t yet have a smart heating system, we recommend you try our Smart Valve Kit, that includes two thermostatic valves and a Connection Unit to connect to the home router to be able to control your valves remotely!

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