Why should you install a WiFi thermostat in your home? Is it really a convenient choice?


IRSAP NOW will help you understand why.


What does wi-fi thermostat mean and how does it work


What does wi-fi thermostat mean and how does it work


A WiFi thermostat means a tool that connected to the boiler or to single heating elements (heaters or floor heating) in your home, allows you to control the temperature in a programmed way, remotely.

A smart thermostat can be managed through a special app from your smartphone, PC or Tablet, or even through a multi-functional touchscreen or buttons places directly on the device.

A smart thermostat allows you to set a day-to-day programming of your heating, and to switch it on and off at any time, wherever you are.

And all with a dual result: on one side, increasing your living comfort, with a temperature that is always right, based on the moment, and on the other side, to prevent waste.

Usually, these smart thermostats are also compatible with remote vocal control systems, such as Alexa and Google Home.

Moreover, the best wireless thermostats provide other important information, such as analysing the temperature and air quality in your home. 

So, a smart thermostat is mainly a button to switch the heating system on/off, with several options to program the temperature, depending on the hours or habits of the residents, which can be edited at any time, remotely.

Moreover, it provides accurate consumption data, and addresses the user toward saving practices.

Clearly, smart thermostat may require connection to the mains, and, above all, they require access to an available wi-fi network.

In addition, a wi-fi thermostat can be connected also to advanced heating systems, such as smart thermostat valves.

Their use is particularly simple and intuitive.


Differences and advantages of a smart thermostat compared to a traditional one

Differences and advantages of a smart thermostat compared to a traditional one


The main difference between a smart thermostat and a traditional one is the need to connect to a domestic network, and also the presence of innovative functions, which were unimaginable until a few years ago.

It is particularly easy to install, without any masonry works required.

The boiler wires will be placed inside the new smart thermostat which will do the rest.

The benefits are manifold. Indeed, with a traditional thermostat you basically can only set a temperature.

This way, the boiler will start if necessary and continue to work until it reaches the temperature set, and then will restart after any variation.

On the other hand, a connected thermostat offers the maximum level of customization and significant energy savings.

Installing a smart thermostat connected to smart thermostatic valves allows you to set a different temperature in every room of your home.

This is an efficient solution, if you have rooms that do not require heating all the time, perhaps because they are not used all day long.

But this is not all. It also allows setting days and recurring time slots during which the heating should be on, based on your needs.

Consequently, you can set the temperature in a precise, extensive and customized way, without any useless consumption.

What's more, waste can be further prevented also through geolocalization functions.

The system can detect if no one is home and stops the heating, saving energy.

On the contrary, you can set the thermostat to restart the system just before you get back, to find a comforting environment when you get home.


How the different functions of the smart thermostat meet different needs


How the different functions of the smart thermostat meet different needs


IRSAP NOW smart thermostat can do all these functions and much more!

First of all, it allows you to set and measure the temperature of the room it is installed in accurately.

In addition, through this advanced features, it allows you to monitor also the level of humidity and the air quality, and it also detects the presence of toxic substances within your home, such as O2, Carbon Monoxide, Ethanol, Toluene.

IRSAP NOW smart thermostat is the ideal solution, because it follows your daily habits.

You can install the wifi thermostat on the wall or place it in the room you prefer, on any surface.

It can be completely controlled remotely.

With IRSAP NOW app, you can control the thermostat whenever and wherever you want, by accessing any room in your house to adjust the set point.

IRSAP NOW smart thermostat is truly smart: its advanced algorithms can learn from your habits, making you save energy.

IRSAP NOW also comes with a handy installation guide to do everything yourself.

Being always connected, the device updates automatically whenever a new software version is launched.

You have always everything under control: in case of faults, or if your Smart Thermostat batteries are low, the system will warn you with a notification on your smartphone.

IRSAP NOW smart thermostat is compatible with the main vocal assistants. Its settings can also be edited with your voice, with extreme ease.

The Smart Thermostat is compatible with the main types of boilers, heat pumps and floor heating systems.

Moreover, it is also compatible with independent and centralized heating systems.

In this last case, it can also control zone valves, if installed.

But not only that. You can install also more than one device.

This way, you can measure the temperature, humidity and air quality accurately, in all the areas of your home where a smart thermostat is installed.

And if your system includes also one or more IRSAP NOW Smart Valves, you will benefit from all the options offered by a Smart heating system.



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Smart Thermostat


The Smart Thermostat allows you to precisely set and measure the temperature of the room in which it is installed. Thanks to its advanced functionalities it also allows you to control humidity and air quality.

Smart Valve


With IRSAP NOW Smart Valves you control the temperature intelligently from wherever and whenver you want via smartphone. 

Connection Unit & Repeater


The Connection Unit is connected to your home router and is indispensable for controlling all the other devices in the system from wherever and whenever you want directly from your smartphone.