Window sensors are among the most widespread tools for home automation. They are used for security services and protection of home environments, but technological developments in the heating sector have also transformed them into a source of energy savings



What does a window sensor do?


A window sensor is a device designed to detect if a window is open or close. It operates through various mechanisms, but the most common ones are magnetic, infrared, and contact sensors.

  • Magnetic sensor. It consists of two parts: a fixed magnet applied on the window frame and a magnetic sensor set on the window sash.
  • Infrared sensor. It uses an infrared beam that is interrupted when the window is opened, and the sensor detects the status change.
  • Contact sensor. It relies on physical contact to detect the opening of the window. When the window is opened, an electrical contact is broken, activating the detection.

Once the sensor detects that the window is open, it triggers a series of actions, such as sending notifications to a security system or activating an alarm, but not only that. It can initiate an air conditioning system to regulate the indoor temperature, to prevent energy waste.

How to install a window sensor?


A window sensor operates in a very similar way to that designed to monitor the opening of a door. The installation requires some steps for which it is advisable to rely on the expertise of a professional.

  • For example, in the case of a magnetic sensor, it is necessary to understand where to position the window sensor and the one on the frame so that they are aligned and do not interfere with the window's closure. 
  • If the sensor requires a wired connection, the sensor wires need to be connected to the terminals on the home automation control panel. 
  • The cables should be arranged neatly and securely to avoid damage or becoming a tripping hazard.
  • In the case of a Wi-Fi sensor, equipped with a module to connect to the home network, the system needs to be configured to connect it to other devices such as a smartphone for sending notifications through the app.

Once the installation is complete, tests are necessary to ensure that the sensor operates correctly.



Window sensors and heating system


The benefits of a window sensor extend beyond home security, finding space in home automation to enhance the energy efficiency of the residence.

The thermostatic heads that make up the smart valves of radiators are equipped with a special sensor that detects if a window is open: at this point, the heat radiation is deactivated for a predetermined period.

This increases the performance of the entire heating system, benefiting both the environment and the household economy. It is just one aspect of the advanced technology that distinguishes intelligent thermostatic valves. 

  • They can measure the temperature of the room in which they are installed and compare it with the programmed temperature. This way, they regulate the flow of hot water in the radiator to maintain the desired levels.
  • Detecting a thermal drop compared indicates the presence of air circulation caused by an open window. 
  • The notification reaches the user via a mobile phone notification.
  • The system is able to reactivate automatically after a specified interval of time indicated during installation.
  • If there are multiple valves in the same room, changing the setpoint on one of them will automatically trigger the adjustment of the others.

How to cut energy costs with a window sensor


A window sensor helps to save not only with heating during the winter season but also with cooling in the summer.

Thanks to home automation, through which devices communicate with each other, a state-of-the-art air conditioner stops cooling the room in which it is installed if it detects an increase in humidity or temperature caused by the opening of the window.

Just like the interruption of heat delivery, blocking the air conditioner also prevents energy waste, cutting costs. 

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