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Smart Thermostat


The Smart Thermostat allows you to precisely set and measure the temperature of the room in which it is installed. Thanks to its advanced functionalities it also allows you to control humidity and air quality.

Shop available in Italy, France and Spain.

*In order to use the Smart Thermostat, it is necessary to own at least one Connection Unit and to download the free app.

Available in 3-5 days
Shipping in 5 working days

Included in the package

  • 1x Smart Thermostat
  • 2x AA Batteries
  • 1x wall support
  • 2x fixing screws for wall assembly

Discover a new way to enjoy comfort.

The IRSAP NOW Smart Thermostat is the ideal solution as it follows your lifestyle . It also helps you to save energy and control consumption using the IRSAP NOW app

  • Two installation modes

    You can install the Smart Thermostat on the wall or position it in whichever room you like.

  • Manual control

    Press the side buttons and change the smart thermostat setting with a few gestures.

  • Air Quality

    You can check the humidity and air quality levels in the room where it is installed.

  • Local temperature

    The LED matrix display shows the temperature of the room where it is installed.

  • Wireless Communication

    Control your Smart Thermostat when and where you want with the IRSAP NOW app.

Can be positioned on the wall, or wherever you want

Our wireless thermostat can be connected in place of your old thermostat or placed on any home surface.

Air quality under control

Keep air quality in your home under control (CO2, Carbon Monoxide, Ethanol, Toluene, etc..) and you will receive notifications about how to improve it on the app.a qualità dell’aria all’interno della tua casa (CO2, Monossido di Carbonio, Etanolo, Toluene, ecc..).

Control Panel

With the IRSAP NOW app, you can control your Smart Thermostat where and when you want. You can also access every room in your home to change the setpoint.

NOW, heat turns smart

Everything under control
With the IRSAP NOW app, you can control your Smart Thermostat where and when you want. Also, thanks to the touch controls on the Thermostat, you can manage the temperature in the other rooms connected to the system in just a few short steps.
Air quality control
Not just heating. With Smart Thermostat, you can control the humidity level and check the air quality of the room you are in.
Advanced algorithms
Our Thermostat is really smart. The advanced algorithms are able to learn from your habits and help you save energy.
DIY Installation
The Smart Thermostat is compatible with all models of boilers and heat pumps with relays. With the help of our installation guides you can install your thermostat yourself.
Automatic updates
The Smart Thermostat is always connected and updates automatically with each new software version.
In-app Notifications
You always have everything under control. If there is a fault or if the batteries in your Smart Thermostat are flat, the system will notify you on your smartphone.

“OK Google, set the living room temperature to 22 degrees”

The IRSAP NOW System is compatible with all main voice assistants such as Google Home or Alexa. Find out how simple it is to change the setting of your system using your voice.

Technical Specifications

250 gr
Materials & Colours Material




Installation Requirements

IRSAP NOW Connection Unit required*.

Smartphones (iOS, Android)

Minimum requirement: iOS 12 - Android 9


Temperature sensors (+/- 0,1 °C)

Humidity Sensors

Air quality sensors (VOC)

Power supply

2 x AA batteries (1200 mAh)

Radio frequency 868 Mhz
Interface and display
User Interface

LED display

3 select keys


Compatible with the majority of boilers and heat pumps

ON/OFF clean contact relay







2-year standard warranty

Check compatibility with your system

Autonomous Central Heating

The Smart Thermostat is compatible with the main types of boiler, heat pump and underfloor heating.

Centralised Heating System

With our Smart Thermostat you can conveniently manage your home system. You can also control your zone valve if present.

Choose IRSAP NOW installation 

DIY Installation

Install your own IRSAP NOW system quickly and easily. See the Support section and follow the video tutorials available in the app.

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best suited to you

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Frequent questions

What is Smart Thermostat?
The Smart Thermostat allows you to set the temperatures of the areas of your home, and is also able to detect the temperature, humidity and air quality of the area of the house in which it is located. The thermostat measures 168x88x24 mm and will be sent to you with the following accessories: 2 non-rechargeable AA alkaline batteries, 2 screws for wall fixing.
How can I check the compatibility of the Smart Thermostat with my system?
The Smart Thermostat can replace any wired thermostat on the market: in fact, it works on batteries and can also be connected to the boiler by relay. In order to check if our thermostat to your system more precisely, you can use the configurator (link).
How does smart thermostat work?
The Smart Thermostat works with two AA alkaline batteries: for optimal operation, we recommend using non-rechargeable batteries. We remind you that the first equipment is included in the package.
Where should the Smart Thermostat be located?
You can place your thermostat on the wall or on a flat surface. We recommend that you place it away from heat sources and at a comfortable height for use. If you are replacing the old thermostat Smart Thermostat with the old wall thermostat, simply detach it while maintaining existing connections, place your Smart Thermostat and proceed with the installation. If you want to place the Smart Thermostat in a different place from the original one without masonry works (drilling walls, cable passage and the like), but you still need the thermostat to control the on/off of the boiler, you can install the Smart Thermostat by connecting it to the boiler via relay. Alternatively, you can add the Starter IRSAP NOW (product link), install it directly on the boiler, delete the old thermostat and place the Smart Thermostat wherever you like.
Is it possible to install more than one Smart Thermostat in the same property?
Of course, an additional thermostat allows you to more accurately measure temperature, humidity and air quality in an area of the house other than the one where the main thermostat is installed. If your heating system includes the IRSAP NOW System with one or more Smart Valves, by installing more Smart Thermostat you can benefit from the "Multizone" mode remotely, controlling it via app.
Smart Thermostat Setup and Configuration Wizard
For information on installing and configuring the Smart Thermostat wizard you can follow the following instructions or watch our Video Tutorial:
a) Remove the back plastic cover Rimuovi il coperchio plastico posteriore
b) Insert the batteries into the battery compartment (the Smart Thermostat will be sent with 2 non-rechargeable AA alkaline batteries already inserted): Inserisci le batterie nell'apposito vano batterie (lo Smart Thermostat sarà inviato con 2 batterie alcaline AA non ricaricabili già inserite)
c) Select in the app "Device > --> Add Device --> Smart Thermostat"
d) Frame the QR Code or manually enter the code on the Smart Thermostat, the app will automatically register and associate the device by associating it with the system created
e) If the QR code or numeric code is not readable, proceed to the emergency association: press the pairing button that you find on the front of the Connection Unit and then at the same time the two arrows "^" and "˅" of the Smart Thermostat. The "pairing" lettering will appear on the display, the two devices will join and you will receive a notification of association on the app. Sul display comparirà la scritta "pairing": i due dispositivi si assoceranno e riceverai una notifica di avvenuta associazione sull'App.
Table installation
- After following steps from 'a' to 'e', hang up the back cover
- Place the Smart Thermostat on a shelf
Wall installation
In the case of new installation or replacement of the old thermostat connected to the boiler:
- Remove the power supply to the boiler (recommended: remove the power from the whole house)
- Check for lack of current (in case of lack of special instrumentation, detach the general generator)
- Disassemble the previous thermostat and remember to take a photo of the links present and mark the wiresSul display comparirà la scritta "pairing": i due dispositivi si assoceranno e riceverai una notifica di avvenuta associazione sull'App.
- Attach the back cover of the Smart Thermostat to the wall (screws supplied with) Fissa al muro il coperchio posteriore dello Smart Thermostat (viti in dotazione)
- Connect electrical wires based on the illustrations shown Collega i fili elettrici in base alle illustrazioni mostrate
- Join the Smart Thermostat to the back coverUnisci lo Smart Thermostat al coperchio posteriore
- Restore power to the boiler (or the entire house, depending on the choice made previously)
-Follow the points from 'b' to 'e '.
WARNING: The Smart Thermostat can also be fixed to the wall without connecting the wires. In this case, it will not communicate directly with the boiler but the basic features will still remain active (temperature measurement, humidity and air quality of the house).
Can I view or change the temperature of a room using the Smart Thermostat?
Activate the Smart Thermostat by pressing the center button and display the temperature, air quality level and humidity of the environment in which it is positioned. Attiva lo Smart Thermostat premendo il tasto centrale e visualizza la temperatura, il livello di qualità dell’aria e l’umidità dell’ambiente nel quale è posizionato.
By pressing the middle button you can enter the room selection mode, and pressing it sequentially will be possible to scroll between the different rooms, whose name set in the app will appear on the LED screen. Premendo il tasto centrale è possibile entrare nella modalità di selezione ambienti, e premendolo in sequenza sarà possibile scorrere tra le diverse stanze, il cui nome impostato nell'App apparirà sullo schermo led.Once you reach the affected environment, the Smart Thermostat will display the set temperature and it will be possible to change it through the "^" and "˅" keys; after setting the desired temperature, simply wait a few seconds for the set point confirmation. The System will activate to reach the new temperature. Una volta raggiunto l’ambiente interessato, lo Smart Thermostat visualizzerà la temperatura impostata e sarà possibile modificarla attraverso i tasti “^” e “˅”.
Can I change time slots or home areas from Smart Thermostat?
No, through the device you can manually change the set point of each zone but it is not possible to change the time slots or zones, which can only be set and changed by app. If a set point is changed on the Smart Thermostat and time slots are active in the relative zone, the new set point will remain unchanged only until the next time slot change.
On the Smart Thermostat display I read "IAQ" and a percentage. What do they mean?
"IAQ" refers to the internal air quality detected by the device (IAQ = Indoor Air Quality). The following arrow indicates whether the quality is good, sufficient, or poor. La scritta 'IAQ' si riferisce alla qualità interna dell’aria rilevata dal dispositivo (IAQ = Indoor Air Quality). The percentage shown indicates the humidity detected in the environment in which the Smart Thermostat is located. The letter "H" before the numbers means "Humidity").La percentuale mostrata indica invece l’umidità rilevata nell’ambiente in cui è posizionato lo Smart Thermostat. La lettera 'H' prima dei numeri significa 'Humidity (umidità).' width=
If I press the middle button or arrows the screen on the Smart Thermostat does not change. Why?
Try to extract the batteries and reinsert them; the Smart Thermostat will automatically reassociated with the Connection Unit and the words "Welcome" will appear on the display. If the problem persists contact support (Link "CONTACT US")
How do I know if the batteries are low?
In case of low batteries, a notification will appear on the app inviting you to replace them.
How do I replace batteries?

If batteries are low, you will receive an app notification If the Smart Thermostat is installed on the wall, to replace the batteries it is necessary to remove the main body of the device from the rear plate by pulling and lifting it.Rimuovi il coperchio plastico posteriore

f the Smart Thermostat is not installed on the wall, remove the rear plate by lifting it. Open the battery compartment door, remove the drains and insert the new ones.Inserisci le batterie nell'apposito vano batterie (lo Smart Thermostat sarà inviato con 2 batterie alcaline AA non ricaricabili già inserite)If the Smart Thermostat is not installed on the wall, remove the rear plate by lifting it. Open the battery compartment door, remove the drains and insert the new ones. Unisci lo Smart Thermostat al coperchio posterioreTo make sure the assembly has been successful, make sure the LEDs in the front turn on.

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