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Smart Thermostat Kit


The IRSAP NOW smart thermostat kit is ideal to start experiencing home comfort with smart heating. The Smart Thermostat allows you to easily set the temperature of your home and accurately measure the temperature, humidity level and air quality inside your home. The Connection Unit is connected to your home router and is indispensable for controlling the Smart Thermostat wherever and whenever you want directly from your smartphone. 

Shop available in Italy, France and Spain.

*The Smart Thermostat kit includes a Smart Thermostat and a Connection Unit. To use them, download the IRSAP NOW app free of charge.


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Available in 3-5 days
Shipping in 5 working days
Works with Alexa
Works with Google Assistant
Works with IFTTT

Unboxing – Smart Thermostat Kit IRSAP NOW

Included in the package

  • 1x Connection Unit&Repeater
  • 1x Smart Thermostat
  • 2x AA Batteries
  • 1x Wall plate
  • 2x Wall fixing screws
  • 2x Wall plugs
  • 1x Ethernet cable
  • 1x USB Cable
  Smart Thermostat Kit

Discover a new way to enjoy comfort

The IRSAP NOW Smart Thermostat is ideal as it follows your lifestyle . It also helps you to save energy and control consumption using the IRSAP NOW app

  • Two installation modes

    Two installation modes

    You can install the Smart Thermostat on the wall, or position it in whichever room you like.

  • Manual control

    Manual control

    Install your own IRSAP NOW system quickly and easily. See the Support section and follow the video tutorials available in the app.
  • Air Quality

    Air Quality

    You can check the humidity and air quality levels in the room where it is installed.

  • Local temperature

    Local temperature

    The LED matrix display shows the room temperature where it is installed.

  • Wireless Communication

    Wireless Communication

    Control the Thermostat when and where you want with the IRSAP NOW app.

Communication unit banner
You are immediately ready to go

You are immediately ready to go.

Connect the Connection Unit to the router and your experience will begin.

You are immediately ready to go

Connect to the wall, or wherever you want.

The Smart Thermostat can be connected to a relay already wired to the wall, or placed on any home surface, if your old thermostat is a wireless model.

Air quality under control

Air quality under control.

Is your air too dry or “stale”? The Smart Thermostat will let you know if the conditions in the room where it is located are not optimal, so that you can take care of your well-being.

Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication.

With the IRSAP NOW app, you can control your Smart Thermostat wherever and whenever you want.

Thanks to wireless communication, you can also manage the Smart Valves installed on your radiators.

NOW, heat turns smart.

NOW, heat turns smart
Everything under control
With the IRSAP NOW app, you can control your Smart Thermostat wherever and whenever you want. Also, thanks to the touch controls on the Thermostat, you can manage the temperature in the other rooms connected to the system with just a few steps.
Air quality control
Not just heating. With Smart Thermostat, you can control the humidity level in the room where the thermostat is positioned and check the air quality.
Advanced algorithms
Our Thermostat is really smart. The advanced algorithms are able to learn from your habits and help you save energy.
DIY InstallationThe Smart Thermostat is compatible with all models of boilers and heat pumps with relays. With the help of our installation guides you can install your thermostat yourself.
Automatic updates
The Smart Thermostat is always connected and updates automatically with each new software version.
In-app Notifications
You always have everything under control. If there is a fault or if the batteries in your Smart Thermostat are flat, the system will notify you on your smartphone.
OK Google, set the living room temperature to 22 degrees
OK Google, set the living room temperature to 22 degrees

“OK Google, set the living room temperature to 22 degrees”

The IRSAP NOW System is compatible with all main voice assistants such as Google Home or Alexa. Find out how simple it is to change the setting of your system using your voice.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
Physical characteristics
Connection unit



Smart Thermostat



Materials and Colours Material




Connection Unit Installation Requirements Connection Unit

Internet Router with at least 1 free LAN port, Smartphone (iOS, Android), iOS 15 or Android 11 minimum requirements.

Smart Thermostat

IRSAP NOW Connection Unit required*: Smartphone (iOS, Android), iOS 15 or Android 11 minimum requirements.

Sensors Smart Thermostat

Temperature sensors(+/- 0,01 °C)

Humidity sensors

Air quality sensor (VOC)

Alimentazione Connection Unit power supply

USB: 220 Vac – 5Vdc

Smart Thermostat

2 x AA Batteries (1200 mAh)

Connection Unit 868 Mhz
Smart Thermostat 868 Mhz
Interface and display
Connection Unit

RGB LED indicator

Pairing key

Smart Thermostat

Display LED

3 select keys

Connection Unit

Compatible with most internet routers

Smart Thermostat

Compatible with most internet routers

ON/OFF clean contact relays







2-year standard warranty

Check compatibility with your system

Autonomous Central Heating
Autonomous Central Heating

The Smart Thermostat is compatible with all types of boilers, heat pumps and underfloor heating.

Centralised Heating System
Centralised Heating System

With our Smart Thermostat you can conveniently manage your home system. You can also control your zone valve if present.

Discover the right installation for you

DIY installation
DIY installation

Install your own IRSAP NOW system quickly and easily. See the Support section and follow the video tutorials available in the app.

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Frequent questions

What is the IRSAP NOW System?

The IRSAP NOW System is the innovative app-manageable heating control system, manageable through our IRSAP NOW app (available for Android and iOS).

With IRSAP NOW you can control the operation of the boiler or heat pump and adjust the room-by-room temperature whenever you want, following your lifestyle and needs.

The Connection Unit and the App are the essential elements of the NOW System, to which are added the Smart Valves, the Smart Thermostat, the Starter and the Connection Unit in Repeater mode. 

I'm going to move, what to do with my IRSAP NOW System?

In case of a move, you can choose to take the IRSAP NOW System with you, or leave the devices in the previous home.

In the first case, to install the devices in your new home, you can follow the following steps:

1. Check the compatibility of the new heating system with the NOW System, using our configurator;
2. Restore the devices by following the path "Home" > "Settings" > "Delete home" to check and uninstall them from the old home. If necessary, you can request and purchase assistance from authorized IRSAP personnel;
3. In your new home, log in with your credentials to the IRSAP NOW App;
4. Change your home settings: "> Settings Menu" > "Manage My Home" > "Home Name" > "Localization" and "My Environment Profile";
5. From here follow the indications of the App to proceed with the new installation of the system;

If you decide not to take the devices with you instead:

1. Add the new tenant to your existing system by using the "Menu" procedure > "Users" > "Invite User";
2. The new tenant must download the IRSAP NOW App, register and log in through the code sent;
3. After the tenant has registered as the new user of the system, you can proceed to delete all previous users through the procedure "Menu" > "Users" > "Delete your users".

Where can I find the instructions for installing the IRSAP NOW System?

The IRSAP NOW System and its devices are designed to be installed both in DIY mode and professionally by authorized IRSAP personnel, for customers who prefer to rely on experienced technicians. The IRSAP NOW App will give you precise indications both for the DIY installation of the System and for its use.
In addition, downloadable PDF files and video tutorials are available on the IRSAP website, which describe the procedures for installing all devices.

I have an Irsap NOW System purchased before 2021, can I integrate the new devices?

Unfortunately, the previous version of the IRSAP NOW System is not compatible with this updated one. If you are in possession of the old NOW System and would like to purchase the devices of the new version, please contact us.

Irsap answers

Smart Thermostat Kit

Product configurator.

Our configurator is short and simple because we always have a solution for you.
Our compatibility is the highest on the market, thanks also to our more than 60 years of experience in the heating sector.

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