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The Starter is the device which, when connected to your heat generator (boiler or heat pump), manages its switching on and off.

Shop available in Italy, France and Spain.

*In order to use the Starter, you need to own at least one Connection Unit and download the app free of charge.

Available in 3-5 days
Shipping in 5 working days

Included in the package

  • 1x Starter
  • 1x Wall plate
  • 2x Wall fixing screws
  • 2x Wall plugs

Discover a new way to enjoy comfort

The IRSAP NOW Starter is the ideal solution, as it follows your lifestyle. It also helps you to save energy.

  • High compatibility

    Starter is compatible with the majority of boilers and heat pumps on the market.

  • Wireless communication

    Control the Starter when and where you want with the IRSAP NOW app.

  • Heat generator

    Schedule when to turn on your heat generator (boiler or heat pump).

  • Always under control

    Control your heat generator where and when from your smartphone via App and have it switch on automatically when you approach your home by activating geofencing.

Heat generator control

With the Starter, you can manage when to turn on and off your heat generator (boiler or heat pump), to optimise its use, making it start up only when you really need it.

Full control of your boiler

IRSAP Starter interfaces with modern heat generators (boilers or heat pumps) to optimise their functioning.

Wireless Communication

With the IRSAP NOW app, you can control your heat generator (boiler or heat pump) wherever and whenever you want. Thanks to wireless communication you can remotely manage when to turn on and off the heat generator (boiler or heat pump). Thanks to the wireless communication function, you can also manage the Smart Thermostat and Smart Valves installed on your radiators.

NOW, heat turns smart.

Emergency switch on
If you need to activate your heat generator manually (boiler or heat pump) for annual maintenance or a power outage (if you have not set automatic time intervals), you can use the IRSAP NOW Starter.
Clear boiler status
The LED indicator will let you control the status of your boiler at any time.
Multiple applications
Thanks to the IRSAP NOW Starter, you can manage any type of heat generator (boiler or heat pump), thanks to various interfaces (relay, 0-10V).
Used with Smart Thermostat
If you would rather not wire your Smart Thermostat and position it in a specific room, for example to keep air quality and temperature under control, you can always connect an IRSAP Starter to your heat generator (boiler or heat pump).
Automatic updates
The Starter is always connected and updates automatically every time there is a new software version.
In-App notifications
In case of errors, the system notifies you on your smartphone, so you always have everything under control.

“OK Google, set the living room temperature to 22 degrees”

The IRSAP NOW System is compatible with all main voice assistants such as Google Home or Alexa. Find out how simple it is to change the setting of your system using your voice.

Technical Specifications

280 gr
Materials and Colours Materiale




Installation requirements

IRSAP NOW Connection Unit required*

Smartphones (iOS, Android)

Minimum Requirements: iOS 12 - Android 9

Power supply

USB: 220 V AC – 5 V DC

Radio frequency 868 Mhz
Interface and display
User Interface

LEDs RGB Indicator



Compatible with the majority of generators (boiler or heat pump)

2 x Clean contact relay or voltage contact







2-year standard warranty

Check compatibility with your system

Autonomous Heating

The Starter is compatible with most types of generator (boilers or heat pumps).

Centralised Heating System

The Starter can be used with zone valves.

Discover the IRSAP NOW installation

DIY Installation

Install your own IRSAP NOW system quickly and easily. See the Support section and follow the video tutorials available in the app.

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best suited to you

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Frequent questions

What is the IRSAP NOW Starter?
The Starter is the element of the NOW System that allows you to manage the heat generator (boiler or heat pump). In addition, if your heat generator is ready for power modulation (you can check it on the boiler instruction booklet), IRSAP Starter can optimize its efficiency.
How does the Starter work?
The Starter is powered by cable, by direct connection to the heat generator (boiler or heat pump) on which it is installed, or by connection to the electrical cables of the old thermostat, in case it is replaced.
Where should the Starter be installed?
The Starter can be installed near the boiler or where there are direct connections with the heat generator (boiler or heat pump).
In what cases do I need the Starter?
In general, the Starter is useful for all those who have an autonomous heating system, or in any case have the possibility to turn the boiler on/off. In addition, the Starter can replace a thermostat with remote control of the boiler. IRSAP Starter is necessary if you already have a thermostat with remote control of the boiler or heat pump (e.g. radio frequency thermostat) or a boiler control module (CENTRALINA) (x English version only). WARNING: If you have a boiler with a control unit and you want to replace the Starter, it is possible that by replacing the original module it is no longer possible to view all or some diagnostic data. Contact your boiler technician for more information.
Why use the Starter, what are the advantages?
The IRSAP NOW system optimizes the management of the heat generator (boiler or heat pump) to the maximum. This greatly reduces boiler ignitions, reducing consumption. According to studies conducted by the University of Bergamo on our first version of the NOW System, the reduction in energy consumption has reached 42%. For this new version, studies are still ongoing: we will update this section as soon as the results are available.
Starter Setup and Configuration Wizard
For information about installing and configuring the IRSAP NOW Starter Wizard, you can follow the following instructions or watch our Video Tutorial:
1. Remove the power supply to the boiler (recommended: remove the power supply from the whole house);
2. Check for lack of current (in case of lack of special instrumentation, detach the general generator);
3. Disassemble any previous control of the generator (thermostat or control unit);
4. Take a picture of the links present;
5. Mark the wires by inserting the stickers (present in the box) to distinguish them;
6. Disassemble any wall plate of the previous Starter;
7. Remove the back cover from our Starter module: Applica lo Starter al coperchio posteriore
8. Attach the back cover to the wall: Fissa al muro il coperchio posteriore
9. Connect electrical wires based on the illustrations shown: Collega i fili elettrici in base alle illustrazioni mostrate
10. Apply the Starter to the back cover: Applica lo Starter al coperchio posteriore
11. Restore power; 
12. On the App, select "Menu --> Devices --> Add Device --> Starter". Frame the QR Code or manually enter the code on the Starter, the app will automatically register the device by associating it with the system created
13. If the QR code or numeric code is not readable, proceed to the emergency association: press the pairing button that you find on the front of the Connection Unit and then the pairing button on the front of the Starter. The two devices will pair and you will receive a notification of association on the app. Nel caso il QR code o il codice numerico non fossero leggibili, procedi alla associazione di emergenza: premi il tasto pairing che trovi sulla parte frontale della Connection Unit e poi il tasto pairing sulla parte frontale dello Starter. I due dispositivi si assoceranno e riceverai una notifica di avvenuta associazione sull'app.
How can I force the heat generator to turn on?
If it is necessary to force the boiler or heat pump to turn on (e.g. for the annual control of the boiler), you will simply have to press the central button of the Starter: the boiler will turn on and the central button will flash red. Qualora fosse necessario forzare l’accensione della caldaia o pompa di calore (ad es. per il controllo annuale della caldaia), dovrai semplicemente premere il tasto centrale dello Starter: la caldaia si accenderà e il tasto centrale lampeggerà di colore rosso.

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