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Smart Valve

As low as £85.00

With IRSAP NOW Smart Valves you control the temperature intelligently from wherever and whenver you want via smartphone. Our wireless thermostatic valves are compatible with all radiator brands and leading hydraulic valve manufacturers.

Shop available in Italy, France and Spain.

*In order to use the Smart Valve, you need to own at least one Connection Unit and download the free app.


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Works with Alexa
Works with Google Assistant
Works with IFTTT

Unboxing – Smart Valve IRSAP NOW

Included in the package

  • 1 Smart Valve
  • 2 batteries AA
  • 6 Adaptors
Smart Valve

Discover a new way to enjoy comfort

IRSAP NOW Smart Valves are an ideal solution as they follow your lifestyle. They also help you to save energy by optimising individual radiator control.

  • Control every room

    Control every room

    Personalise heat in each room of the house to suit your needs.

  • Guided configuration

    Guided configuration

    With help from our installation guides, you can configure your system independently, easily, and rapidly.

  • Smart Scheduling

    Smart Scheduling

    Set the room temperatures according to your weekly, daily and hourly habits.

  • Manual block

    Manual block

    IRSAP NOW Smart Valves are designed for the safety of your children.

  • Open window detection

    Open window detection

    The valves are able to detect when a window is open and temporarily and locally suspend the heating.

A temperature for every room

A temperature for every room

Install a Smart Valve on each radiator in your home and set your comfort scenarios from your smartphone: you decide which rooms to heat and when.

Colour for your room

Colour for your heat

Smart Valves are available in different colours to match perfectly to your radiator and the style of your home.

All under immediate control

All under immediate control

IRSAP NOW Smart Valves can also be controlled manually, turning the valve shell to change the room temperature: a luminous ring will change colour according to the set temperature.

NOW, heat turns smart

DIY Installation
DIY Installation
IRSAP NOW Smart Valves are compatible with all major valve manufacturers and can be easily installed independently. With the help of our installation guides you can install your valves yourself.
Open window detection
Smart Valves have sensors that can detect when a window is open. When this happens, the valve deactivates the radiator it is installed on for a pre-set period of time, limiting your energy consumption.
Advanced algorithms
Our wireless radiator valves are really smart. Regulating algorithms, developed by IRSAP in their laboratories are the result of over 50 years of experience in making radiators, and are able to learn from your habits and help you save energy.
Manual block
IRSAP has children’s safety at heart. That’s why you can block thermostatic valves remotely using the app, avoiding all manual changes.
Anti-freeze Protection
Away from home for long periods? Choose Holiday Mode and the Smart Valves will set to the anti-freeze temperature. So you won't have unpleasant surprises when you come home anymore.
In-app Notifications
You always have everything under control. If there is a fault or if the batteries in your Smart Valves are flat, the system will notify you on your smartphone.
Saving immediately
By installing IRSAP NOW Smart Valves on your radiators you can decide right away how much to use your radiators and save money.
OK Google, set the living room temperature to 22 degrees
Ok Google, set the living room temperature to 22 degrees

“OK Google, set the living room temperature to 22 degrees”

The IRSAP NOW System is compatible with all main voice assistants such as Google Home or Alexa. Find out how simple it is to change the setting of the Smart Valves using your voice.

Technical Specifications

Smart Valve
200 gr
Materials & Coloursi Material




Installation Requirements

IRSAP NOW Connection Unit required*.

Smartphones (iOS, Android)

Minimum requirement: iOS 15 - Android 11


Temperature sensors (+/- 0,01 °C)

Power supply

2x Batteries AA (1.200 mAh)

Radio frequency 868 Mhz
Interface and display
User Interface

LED RGB Indicator

Mechanical temperature setting dial


Working with hydraulic radiators with M30x1.5" thermostatic valves

Comparable with 90% of thermostatic valves on the market *Valve adaptors included







2-year standard warranty

Discover a new way to enjoy comfort.

Thermostatic Valve

Thermostatic Valve

If your valve is a M30x1,5 thermostatic, you can install the IRSAP NOW Smart Valve by yourself, following the tutorial on the app. If necessary, use one of the adaptors provided in the box.

Manual Valve

Manual Valve

If your radiator valves are manual, the Smart Valve is not compatible. To install the Smart Valve, you need to replace your manual valve with a thermostatic valve.

Valve Compatibility

Find the IRSAP NOW installation

DIY Installation
DIY installation

Install your own IRSAP NOW system quickly and easily. See the Support section and follow the video tutorials available in the app

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Smart Valve
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Frequent questions

What is the Smart Valve?

The Smart Valve is IRSAP's smart wireless thermostatic valve which allows you to detect and adjust the temperature independently.

The Smart Valve can optimize the use of the single radiator by dynamically managing the passage of water and thus increasing the efficiency of the heating system.

Where should the Smart Valve be located?

The Smart Valve must be installed on the radiator, as a replacement for the original thermostatic valve.

In order to get the best performance from your heating system, we would recommend to install one Smart Valve on each radiator.

The ideal position of the Smart Valve should be on the top part of the radiator, as far as possible from recesses and/or window draughts, this way the valve will measure temperature more precisely.


How do I know if my radiator's hydraulic valve is thermostatized?

To understand if your radiator's hydraulic valve is thermostatized, you can refer to the following images:




How can I change my (non thermostatic) hydraulic valve?

If the valve on your radiator is not a thermostatic one, you can replace the old hydraulic valve and then install the Smart Valve.

IRSAP offers a full range of thermostatic valves, suitable for all hydraulic heating systems. However, we recommend the replacement work to be carried out by a professional: to replace the hydraulic valves or request a simple advice on those most suitable for your system, you can contact one of our technical experts in your area.

How does the Smart Valve work?

The Smart Valve works exclusively with two AA alkaline batteries: for optimal performance, we recommend using non-rechargeable batteries.

Please be reminded that the first battery equipment is included in the package.

How do I replace batteries?

In order to replace the batteries:


  1. Remove the body of the Smart Valve from the valve bottom part, putting pressure on the front plastic and rotating the device clockwise:



  1. Open the metal tab on the back of the device, by sliding it:


  1. Remove the batteries and insert the new ones, paying attention to polarity (+/-).

Slide the tab back and re-mount the Smart Valve: place it on the valve body and rotate counterclockwise:


  1. To make sure the assembly has been successful, make sure that once the lid is closed and the cylindrical shell is rotated, the LED light in the front turns on.


Smart Valve Installation and Configuration Wizard

For information on installing and configuring the Smart Valve wizard you can follow the following instructions or watch our Video Tutorial:

  1. Disassemble the back of the Smart Valve by holding it tight and rotating the device clockwise:


  1. Open the metal tab on the back of the device by sliding it and insert the batteries that are inside the package, then close the tab:


  1. Launch the IRSAP NOW app and sequentially select "Menu --> Devices --> Add Device --> Smart Valve"
  2. Frame the QR Code or manually enter the code on the Smart Valve: the app will automatically register the device, associating it with the system created.
  3. In the event that the QR code or numeric code is not readable, proceed to the emergency association: Press the pairing button that you find on the front of the Connection Unit and then the pairing button on the back of the Smart Valve. The two devices will pair and you will receive a notification of association on the app:



  1. Remove the thermostatic head or valve cover cap from the radiator and check the type of hydraulic valve to use any appropriate adapter/seater, referring to the template inside the package. Below is a selection of the most common thermostatically valves, and information about the use of which adapter to mount.

In case of technical difficulties, consider purchasing the IRSAP professional installation.







  1. Install the Smart Valve's rear fastening system to the radiator hydraulic valve and tighten the closing ring:


  1. Install the main body of the Smart Valve on the fastener by holding it tight and rotating the device counter-clockwise:


  1. If the fixing is successful, the valve will give a green light signal. If not, we suggest that you disassemble the valve body, check the correctness of any adapter, tighten the closing ring and reinstall the valve.

If the problem persists, contact IRSAP support.

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Smart Valve
As low as £85.00

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