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Savings Simulator

Answer questions using selectors and calculate the savings you would get on heating by adopting the IRSAP NOW system.

What kind of house do you live in?

Single home

What is the insulation level of your home?

  • Little isolated
  • On average isolated
  • Very isolated

What is the square footage of your home?

  • < 40 sqm
  • 40-60 sqm
  • 60-80 sqm
  • 80-100 sqm
  • 100-150 sqm
  • 150-200 sqm
  • > 300 sqm

What is the average height of the rooms in your home?

  • < 2,6 mt
  • 2,7 mt
  • 3 mt
  • > 3 mt

What type of heat generator do you use?

In which country is your home located?

What is the minimum outside temperature in winter?

  • -10 degrees
  • -5 degrees
  • 0 degrees
  • +5 degrees
  • +10 degrees

What kind of valves do you have?

vvalveManuals / Thermostable

Do you already have IRSAP radiators in your home?


The calculation is made considering the presence of the complete NOW system (smart thermostat and smart thermostatic valves) and an average heating use of 5 hours a day for 180 days a year. For homes over 300 square meters, the calculation is based on 300 square meters, the increase in size leads to an increase in potential energy savings. The cost of energy supply is updated to February 2022, and includes national taxes. According to a study by the University of Bergamo, the transition from traditional mechanical valves to the complete NOW system results in an energy saving of 27,30%. An additional 20% of energy savings is achieved through Green Mode, setting an Eco temperature of maximum 3°C lower than the Comfort temperature.

In one year you can save:

Build green

The impact of heating on consumption and environment


Home heating has a significant impact on each family’s total energy consumption and is one of the main factors responsible for producing air pollution emissions, with a consequent deterioration in air quality, especially during the winter months.

Find out how IRSAP NOW can help you reduce energy consumption and contribute to protecting the planet for your well-being and that of future generations.

The IRSAP NOW algorithms that help you save

Advanced IRSAP algorithms, the result of 60 years of experience in the heating sector, are able to learn from your habits and help you to save energy, as well as keeping the use of your system under control.

Green planet

Four modes of use


Choose one of the four modes designed by IRSAP NOW to adapt to your daily routine, providing comfort and saving.

Home/Away Mode

Going out unexpectedly? Change the set of temperatures associated with the rooms in your home manually by switching the app from 'home' to 'away' mode or automatically by activating geofencing.

Holiday Mode

Long periods away from home? Holiday Mode sets the entire system to anti-freeze temperature: less consumption and zero surprises when you return.

Multizone Mode

Create your comfort scenarios and customize the heating of different rooms in your home according to your needs.

Green Mode

Do you want to achieve maximum saving? Green Mode is for you: the system continues to follow your habits but will turn off earlier than the time you set, thus reducing consumption and emissions.

Advanced functions


Smart Scheduling

The IRSAP NOW system adapts to your habits to guarantee comfort and saving at the same time

Multi zone Management

You can conveniently manage the various rooms in your house separately to heat them only where and when needed.

Open window detection
IRSAP NOW Smart Valves can detect when a window is open. When this happens they automatically adapt the room temperature, temporarily and locally suspending the heating, to further reduce your consumption.

In App Notifications

Thanks to the IRSAP NOW app, you have everything under control: if there is a fault, the system will send a notification to your smartphone.


Discover and stay up to date about consumption with the IRSAP NOW app. You will also receive tips on how to optimise your consumption.

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Our configurator is short and simple because we always have a solution for you.
Our compatibility is the highest on the market, thanks also to our more than 60 years of experience in the heating sector.

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