Unfortunately, in summer, when all you want is to keep cool at home, where you already have a working conditioner, it is possible that you suddenly have this problem to deal with: one or more radiators switch on by themselves and heat up, even if the heating is switched off.

This is a real annoyance, especially due to the discomfort it brings to everyone at home, given the higher temperatures they are forced to suffer.

Secondly, it is also an economic problem.

If the house has an air conditioner and this detects a higher temperature, it will work much more than it should, leading to a notable expenditure for energy, as well as the fuel that the boiler burns to provide heat - incorrectly - to the radiators.

But when radiators switch on by themselves?

This usually happens when the hot water is left running for a little time, either for a shower or simply to wash the dishes.

Of course, the reasons for this are to be sought in technical malfunctions.

Below we are going to look at the causes and the possible remedies to this unpleasant problem.


The causes


The causes


First of all it is necessary to make sure the boiler has been set to summer, which alone should stop the radiators from working on their own during the summer.

This problem can occur especially in more modern systems and with users who are not particularly used to digital technology.

Assuming that the summer function has been set correctly, there are some possible technical causes behind warm or hot radiators while the boiler is off.

The first might be that the three-way valve is broken or worn.

This prevents the water from passing correctly from the burner and instead, it is directed to the area dedicated to switching on the radiators, as well as the water inside them.

The water therefore is not channelled in the right direction.

The three-way valve, which is fitted on practically all older models of boiler, is mechanical and not electric.

It serves to switch on the boiler, through the passage of water, when the hot water tap is turned on.

This is a problem that does not happen with more modern boilers, which are fitted with an external electric motor, without membranes, to move mechanically via the flow of water.  

Secondly, the heat exchanger could be damaged.

This means that the pressure will tend to increase on the whole system, causing the radiators to switch on.

Finally, but much more rarely, since in this case we are talking about modern systems, the digital thermostat can malfunction and as a result, not provide the right information to the boiler, causing it to work on empty.


Possible solutions

Possible solutions


In case of technical problems of this type, such as the breakage of a valve or a problem with the exchanger, it is strongly recommended that you do NOT try to fix it yourself.

A certain level of experience in this field and the right tools for technical interventions of this type are needed.

A specialist technical engineer is certainly better equipped to diagnose the situation and offer you the best solution.

However, a single user is definitely able to check the settings of their boiler and make sure they are as required, as well, of course, as scheduling a regular service and cleaning of the system.

When it comes to heating, prevention is doubtless better than cure.

At the beginning of the summer months, many people tend to shut off their radiators to prevent this problem.

However, doing this causes other problems when switching the system on again in autumn, such as, when the inner pin that regulates water flow to the radiator becomes locked in place.

However, with the summer function, this pin will make small movements but in any case, it will prevent the system from blocking.

In any case, in general, it is a good idea to bleed the radiators of all air, so as to eliminate the pressure inside the system, which can cause damage to the whole circuit.


Why does a smart heating system help to keep the heating sysrem under control?


Why does a smart heating system help to keep the heating sysrem under control?


The problem with radiators that switch on by themselves in summer is non-existent if you use a  smart heating system like IRSAP NOW!

This is an innovative wireless and multi-zone system that can be customised to suit any type of home, transforming a traditional installation into a smart heating system.

It is compatible with all radiator brands and with the main manufacturers of hydraulic valves.

It improves comfort, reduces impact on the environment and helps to save money by optimising your energy use.

It is a system that also learns from your habits.

It is extremely useful in summer, or when the system does not need to operate at full power.

The secret lies in the full control of the whole system that you can have with IRSAP NOW.

In fact, thanks to the IRSAP NOW app, which is available on Android and iOS and works with Alexa and Google Home, it is possible to control all of the settings on your heating system, whenever you want to.

If the app detects a malfunction, it also provides additional information to help you understand the problem and to solve it.

The fact that it is possible to control everything, even remotely, makes it much simpler for those who have a holiday home that they don’t use all year round.

As well as this, the IRSAP NOW smart thermostat, as well as measuring the temperature with precision, makes it possible to check humidity levels and air quality, so that you can use all of the functions you need to keep these in good condition.

Lastly, excellent control of the correct operation of your system is guaranteed if your radiators are fitted with  smart thermostatic valves, connected to the rest of the system by Wi-Fi.

These devices allow a constant good water circulation and prevent the formation of scale, which helps to keep your radiators healthy and control the flow of water in the system.

This is all controllable, anywhere and at any time, using the app!

Smart thermovalves can be used with almost all of the radiators on the market and they are extremely easy to install in place of standard valves.

Contact us for more information and to prevent any problems with radiators that switch on by themselves by installing a smart heating system.




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