In 2022, CES, the unmissable appointment for all technology fans that hosts and rewards the year's greatest technological innovations in early January, sees victory for 100% Made in Italy Smart home heating.

The electrical version of IRSAP's radiator Polygon, with integrated IRSAP NOW smart heating system, has won the CES Innovation Award Honoree 2022 for the Home Appliances category, in addition to the most important, sought-after prize: CES Best of Innovation 2022.


CES: rewards the most important technological innovations in the world


CES: rewards the most important technological innovations in the world


The International Customer Electronic Show, more commonly known by the acronym CES, was first held in June 1967 in New York, set up by the Consumer Technology Association.

Over the years, it has become an unmissable, recurring appointment for all technology lovers, one of the most important electronics trade fairs in the world.

It is an event held once a year, except for the year 1978 and 1994, when there were two editions:


  • a winter one, in January in Las Vegas (Nevada)
  • a summer one, in June in Chicago (Illinois)


The particular nature of this event is that while being held, important consumer electronics innovations are presented to the world, often before they are even commercialised.

The topicality of the themes that the trade fair focuses on each year explains how this exhibition has cultivated its own success over the years, becoming a real benchmark in the technological world.

In 2021, the 54th edition of the event was held entirely online, due to the ongoing world health emergency caused by Covid-19.

The themes that this online event focused on were modern technologies such as:


  • 5G and possible offers from the fast network
  • Home Entertainment
  • Wearable Technology
  • Smart Mobility
  • Artificial Intelligence


In 2022, the year that has been identified as the year when everything restarts, CES also returned to being a live event with attendees.

It will be held from 5 to 8 8 January at the Convention Center in Las Vegas.

For this 55th edition, the organisers have decided to adopt the slogan “technology for a responsible future” and to introduce new categories, such as:


  • Digital Assets
  • Space Tech
  • Food Tech


CES rewards international technological excellences

CES rewards international technological excellences


As we have already said, CES is an event that has been held for more than 50 years in Las Vegas, in the United States.

However, given its worldwide importance, each year this event attracts technological excellences from all over the world.

This year, one of the winners, in fact, is Polygon, the 100% made in Italy design smart electrical radiator.

At the most important technological event in the world, in fact, Polygon has not only won the category prize CES Innovation Award Honoree 2022 – Home Appliances, but also the most sought-after award of the entire event: the CES Best of Innovation 2022.

How was Polygon created? And why is it such an extraordinary product?


Polygon the radiator receives an award for its 100% Made in Italy design


Polygon the radiator receives an award for its 100% Made in Italy design


Polygon was created in 2019 thanks to a collaboration between IRSAP and as part of the international contest “Interior décor radiators”.

The product concept was conceived and designed by Valentina Volpe, born in Pisa in 1984 and with a degree from La Sapienza University in Rome, awarded in 2007, in Interior Furnishing and Design, then in 2013 in EU Architecture.

After winning the competition, the design by Valentina Volpe was taken and transformed into a design radiator by IRSAP, a company based in Rovigo, with almost 60 years’ experience in the heating and air-conditioning sector.

The decisive, modern design, and the two-tone plastic movement - the distinguishing features of this extraordinary product - were soon noticed and appreciated by all the great masters of design and architecture around the world.

In fact, just two years after its creation, the first important international recognitions began to arrive.

  1. Red Dot Design Award Winner 2021
  2. Archiproducts Design Awards 2021
  3. German Design Award 2022 – Excellent Product Design – Energy

Polygon also stands out thanks to its high level of personalisation. It is, in fact, available:

  • In both vertical and horizontal format
  • in 200 different colour-ways
  • in both water and electrical version

CES 2022: Polygon and smart heating are winners

CES 2022: Polygon and smart heating are winners


Later, at the same time as the company development and launch of the IRSAP NOW smart heating system in 2021, the company decided to include the smart electrical version of Polygon in its price lists too.

With this latest innovation, Polygon has definitively become a product that is destined to revolutionise the heating world, to the extent that IRSAP decided to nominate it for CES 2022, as part of the Home Appliances category.

The official announcement arrived on 10 November: the Las Vegas CES proclaimed Polygon to be one of the official winners of the event, awarding it first the CES Innovation Award Honoree 2022 – Home Appliances and then awarding it the most sought-after award of the entire event, the CES Best of Innovation 2022.

The announcement of these awards has made Polygon the flagship radiator in the new generation IRSAP smart products.

This time, in fact, unlike prizes won in the past, CES has rewarded Polygon for its unmistakeable design, but for its cutting-edge functions, possible thanks to its integration with the IRSAP NOW smart heating system.

Let’s take a look at what makes IRSAP NOW such a “smart” heating system to allow it win CES 2022.


IRSAP NOW system: the 100% made in Italy smart home heating system


IRSAP NOW system: the 100% made in Italy smart home heating system


In particular, IRSAP NOW is the innovative management system that transforms a traditional heating system into a smart, wireless and multizone system that can be personalised for any type of home.

It has been designed to improve comfort, reduce environmental impact and save by optimising consumption and is compatible with all radiator brands and the main valve brands. What advantages are there by using IRSAP NOW?


  • Remote Control Control your smart heating system from wherever you are at all times using your smartphone. The App is free and available on Android and iOS
  • Voice Control It integrates the IRSAP NOW app with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home voice assistant and you can control your heating with your voice.


Its advanced modes and functions optimise consumption, reduce emissions and waste, thus saving money and safeguarding the environment at the same time.

For example, using the smart settings, the heating system learns from your habits and automatically adapts to ensure maximum comfort.

Furthermore, using the Home/Away function, you can change the settings on your system manually or automatically, depending on where you are.

With Eco Mode, the system will continue to follow the programmed times, but will turn off your heating system slightly earlier than the time you have selected, reducing consumption and emissions, without you losing out in terms of comfort.

These are just a few examples of all the things that the IRSAP NOW system allows you to do. But that is enough to allow you to realise why the IRSAP NOW system led the smart electrical version of Polygon to win awards at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

It is all to clear that IRSAP NOW is a “product” perfectly aligned with the slogan of the 55th edition of the most prestigious consumer electronics trade fair in the world: technology for a responsible future.



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