A lot has been said about “Garage Ideas”, meaning those innovative ideas that - with time and dedication - are able to become large business projects.

Specifically, the name of these ideas comes from the fact that they are often dreamed up in a garage, or in a small home environment.

Recently, the concept has become famous because it is associated with the names of big international giants, whose history - for fans of this genre - started right here.

The truth, however, is that there are many, many “Garage Ideas”; they are born in continuation and can be found anywhere, even in small, unknown areas where this would seem unthinkable.

This is the case of IRSAP, an Italian company, founded in 1963 by two friends, in a workshop in Arquà Polesine, a small town in Veneto, in the province of Rovigo.

If this is the first time you have heard this name, don’t worry, it’s normal.

Yet, although few people know about this brand, you’ll be surprised to know that many of you (perhaps it’s you 😉) have at least one of its products in your home... And maybe, it’s been there for years.

This is because, for nearly 60 years, the company has been manufacturing an element that is brought into the home without paying too much attention, even though it is an essential element.

Indeed, when building a house, who actually asks which brand of radiator is being installed?

Well, if you take a look at the brand of your radiators, you might be surprised to find that IRSAP has been taking care of your home heating for many years.


IRSAP Foundation birth radiators radiators

IRSAP…no, never heard of it


But if we continue in order and go back to where we started: the origins.

In fact, as we said, IRSAP was founded about sixty years ago, almost by chance, in a workshop.

The idea came from two friends, Livio Zen and Orazio Rossi: making radiators.

But radiators already existed in 1963.

So,…what does that have to do with a “Garage Idea”?

Just because of where it came to light?

Or is there something else?

There are quite a few innovations behind this simple idea, but they can all be summed up in a single concept: furnishing with heat.

In fact, these two friends never just thought of making radiators, they wanted to go much further than that.

What they wanted was to turn an essential component into a functional, versatile furnishing element.

In particular, the first new feature that the pair introduced to the industry was modularity, meaning the possibility to add more elements that would increase the depth of the radiator.

This made it possible for the end customer to break free of standard models and create radiators in custom sizes to better suit the needs of the room where it was installed.

After a few years, IRSAP brought another great new idea to the industry: steel radiators that could leave the factory already painted white.

This small step, which allows the radiator to blend better with the background wall (often the same colour😉) became a huge advantage for the customer.

In fact, before then, customers needed to ask plumbers to carry out this step specifically on site at the time of installation, as an additional step, to be paid for separately.

Then, over the years, in line with the development of the furnishing and interior design industries, the range of colours began to expand.

This meant that radiators could be adapted and combined even better to match the walls in a home, which were also being painted and added to with new palettes. 


Modular coloured radiators

But with IRSAP, the ideas don't stop coming...


New shapes were created: the pipes went from straight and round to oval, flat and wavy.

And they also went from just vertical to horizontal too…and they were no longer just in standard lengths.

They also look at the concept of functionality, seeking to extend it: the ad from 1995 with the radiator heating bread is still iconic.

Radiators change, evolve, and become comfy shelves or support surfaces that can be used for plants (or animals); or handy towel warmers and ideal for hanging out and drying laundry.

And it’s thanks to IRSAP that we can play with aesthetics, trying to make a radiator disappear, recessing it or concealing it in a wall, or even turning it into a furnishing element.

By challenging materials it is possible to conceive, design and create Orimono, the first textile radiator.

The revolution introduced to the industry by IRSAP went so far as to need a new term, which has since become a registered trademark: termoarredatore®, a home accessory that heats and at the same time, decorates the environment.

Thanks to all these new features brought in over time, IRSAP has grown, gradually becoming established as a European leader in the home heating industry (and more besides 😉).


Radiators Radiators IRSAP

IRSAP: “Garage Idea” with a “Green” soul


Now, like then, IRSAP never stops, bringing decades of experience in the heating and radiator industry (where its expertise is unparalleled 😉) into play to continue to offer new solutions to customers.

And these solutions are not just aimed at becoming simpler, more functional and effective, they are also becoming more and more sustainable, in full compliance with the DNA of the brand, which has been standing out since its creation.

Indeed, the company has been involved in a wide range of initiatives for years, seeking to reduce or combat environmental impact as far as possible.

It is not for nothing that the company sees participation in events such as “Mi illumino di meno” or “World Earth Day” as the perfect opportunity to confirm its commitment to new steps forward in this direction.

With time, the company has gone from a simple commitment to conveying its virtuous behaviour to employees, to bringing genuine initiatives into play.

For example, IRSAP has installed photovoltaic panels at its production plants in order to meet its energy needs as far as possible with renewable energy.

More recently, it has also installed 10 charging columns for electric vehicles and Plug-ins, as well as setting up a product to gradually replace all of the company fleet with vehicles  of this type.

However, as we mentioned, the brand has always sought to express itself all round, putting heart and soul into its products, and it shows.


Production installations radiators radiators IRSAP

IRSAP: “Garage Ideas” for 2021


This year too (a year we hope will show signs of recovery for everyone), IRSAP is presenting an innovative new solution, suitable for everyone's needs, to the market: IRSAP NOW.

A perfect fusion and expression of the brand’s DNA, IRSAP NOW is a concentrate of the main values that have been guiding the company in the heating and radiator industry since 1963, leading it to take care of the warmth of thousands and thousands of homes all over Europe.

In fact, IRSAP NOW is synonymous with passion, technology, innovation, practical use, simplicity and sustainability.

But what is IRSAP NOW?

To find out more, continue to follow us and read the next article.

Otherwise, visit our website or our Facebook or Instagram pages and in case of doubt or curiosity, contact us via chat or by email at support@irsapnow.com: our customer service will be happy to help.