What is the ideal temperature for your home in winter?

There isn’t a single answer to this question: regulating your heating during the coldest months of the year is no easy feat, especially when you have to try and combine thermal well-being and health.

In this article we will give you three valuable tips for managing your home temperature in winter, thanks to the new functions on the IRSAP NOW smart heating system.


Avoid big jumps in temperature: maintain a constant level!


1. Avoid big jumps in temperature: maintain a constant level!


When it is very cold outside, you may be tempted to turn up the heating well beyond the ideal temperature, to enjoy the pleasant sensation of “warmth” in your home.

However, we don’t recommend overdoing it, as it could have a harmful effect on our health and on that of the other members of your family.

Let's see why.

Correctly regulating the thermostat is the first step to heating your home effectively and efficiently.

Although it is most definitely a pleasure to warm yourself up while outside it is cold, setting a temperature that is too high at home compared to the external temperature will cause a thermal difference that is too high, harming our well-being.

Our bodies will find themselves having to move from a freezing outdoor climate to a warm indoor one, pointlessly stressing our personal thermoregulating mechanism, with consequent negative effects on our thermal balance.

So, the ideal thing is to keep our home temperature around 20 degrees, as recommended by the WHO, never exceeding 22 degrees, and making sure that this temperature remains stable, especially in rooms like the lounge and the kitchen, where we spend most of our time.

Maintaining a constant temperature can be difficult if we control our heating systems manually, bearing in mid the changes in temperature due to windows being opened or ovens and other household appliances being turned on.

On the other hand, if we use a smart heating system, we can just set the ideal temperature remotely, even when we are not physically at home, using our smartphones, to keep it constant inside our homes.

A smart management system like IRSAP NOW can detect any open windows or any other heat source, turning on the heating and regulating the emission of heat from radiators precisely, through coordination between the smart thermostat and the smart thermostatic valves,.

This way, the ideal home temperature remains constant, with clear benefits for everyone's health in the house.

Prevent stagnant environments: circulate air!


2. Prevent stagnant environments: circulate air! 


Often, when it is cold outside, there is a temptation to create a little haven of warmth in the room where you are spending time, turning up the heating and closing the doors, so we can immerse ourselves in a wonderful feeling of warmth.

However, this is not ideal conduct for our health.

When a room is closed, carbon dioxide accumulates, and viruses and bacteria proliferate.

The foul air is particularly harmful due to these factors, as it makes those inside the room breathing that air more likely to develop allergies, sinusitis and a sense of fatigue.

The reason for that is simple.

The accumulation of carbon dioxide in the air circulating in the closed room is clearly greater than in the air inside a well ventilated room.

People exposed to a high concentration of CO” are less productive as they do not breathe in a sufficient amount of oxygen, and are therefore prone to drops in attention, they develop headaches and, in the worst cases, respiratory problems.

To prevent such issues, just have enough air circulating in your home.

However, in winter, as it is cold, we do not like opening windows, and often, as we have seen, we tend to close doors in rooms, heating them while they are cut off, to avoid wasting thermal energy and having to pay the consequent costs.

However, these concerns are mainly linked to traditional heating systems, while it is extremely simple to maintain a well ventilated, comfortable environment when using smart system.

In fact, one of the new functions on the IRSAP NOW smart heating system is Multizone Mode.

This setting allows you to regulate the temperature in various rooms in different ways quite easily.

Therefore, to warm up a room more, for example the bedroom where you may be working from home, just turn on this setting, also remotely, using your smartphone.

It will also no longer be necessary to close the door to the room to reach a higher temperature.

You can therefore allow air to circulate freely, thus avoiding dangerous build-ups of CO2 while enjoying the desired thermal comfort.

 Enjoy your own home: turn on the heating in Comfort mode!


3. Enjoy your own home: turn on the heating in Comfort mode!


Many people believe that it is better to turn off the heating when you are  not at home.

This is a fair point, as keeping the heating on when nobody is home would clearly be a waste

However, with traditional heating systems, our houses will be cold when we return home, and once we have turned on the heating, it will take some considerable time before the house reaches a comfortable temperature.

This problem disappears when we install a smart heating system in our homes, like IRSAP NOW, with its special function: Comfort Mode.

This setting allows the heating to turn on a short while before we return home, at a time that allows the home to reach an ideal temperature to welcome us back, and immediately relax.

So, Comfort mode is particularly useful from the early weeks of December, when winter has arrived and temperatures are much colder.

At this time of year, in fact, coming home and finding a cold house after a long day out in the cold weather can be truly unpleasant and stop us from relaxing and enjoying our free time at home.

Comfort Mode solves this problem, allowing us to come home and find a perfectly heated, welcoming environment.

Discover all the IRSAP NOW smart heating system functions, the only one that can combine comfort and saving.

With IRSAP NOW you no longer have to fear the onset of winter, but simply enjoy the pleasure of your own home!

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The Smart Thermostat allows you to precisely set and measure the temperature of the room in which it is installed. Thanks to its advanced functionalities it also allows you to control humidity and air quality.

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