The “green“ theme is now associated with all types of consumption.

We need to respect the environment at all times, and try to optimise our energy consumption.

This conduct definitely has a financial return, in view of the extortionate increase in the costs of raw materials.

This applies especially during the festive season, when our usual lifestyle changes and we need to be a little bit more careful of the environment if we are talking about energy consumption.

If we take a look at two typical scenarios for a family during the festive season - going on holiday or staying at home - we can see what can be done to protect the environment in both cases.


Is it better to switch off heating or leave it on when going on holiday?


Is it better to switch off heating or leave it on when going on holiday?


The answer to this question is leave the heating on but with appropriate measures.

This is a question that affects lots of families who are setting off on holiday.

If the heating is left off, the energy consumption of the heating will be nothing and there is also no risk of polluting the environment.

The risk is that there will be a higher price to pay in the end.

In fact, on your return, the house will be cold and to bring it up to temperature, the system will need to work a lot more, burning a lot of energy and therefore, polluting more.

In particularly cold climates, the risk, if the system is completely switched off, is for the water to freeze in the pipes, causing an actual boiler block.

At this point, it is necessary to call a technician to restore the system, but this will have a very high cost and in the light of the period, the waiting time may be quite long.

Therefore, if you are going to be away for a long time, you should set the temperature of your system to about 10 degrees.

The boiler will work at minimum power, producing a minimum amount of pollutants, but on your return, it will take a lot less energy to ensure you have the living comfort you need and ultimately, it will pollute less.

If the heating system is working at reduced rate, there is no risk of the pipes freezing.

As a result, leaving the heating on during the holidays, even at reduced power, seems to be the greenest, most cost-effective choice.


Heating during the winter holidays: how to manage it better if you’re staying at home

Heating during the winter holidays: how to manage it better if you’re staying at home


There are those who make the most of the Christmas holidays to spend time at home with the family.

This is why, since there will be more people at home compared to the rest of the year, there is a real risk of using much more energy and therefore, of polluting much more.

There are lots of smart methods to use if you want to avoid wasting energy.

Often we use energy without a real reason and this waste affects air quality and the quality of the surrounding area.

First of all, you need a properly maintained heating system, making sure that your boiler is always in the best condition possible to work.

In this way, it will consume and as a result pollute, much less.

If possible, it is extremely useful to set different temperatures in different areas, taking care never to exceed 19° above all in the rooms which are most used, such as living rooms, and lowering the temperature of the bedrooms to  16°, especially at night and when sleeping.

Be careful of your hot water use.

Often we leave the water running while washing or we take showers that can be a lot shorter, consuming gas that we don’t need to.


The benefits of a smart heating system for the environment


The benefits of a smart heating system for the environment


The best solution whether you are going on holiday or staying at home during the festive period, is to use a smart heating system like the one by IRSAP NOW, designed to guarantee the utmost living comfort but also to avoid energy waste and be much more friendly to the environment.

This system has lots of innovative functions.

These also include eco mode, where the system, learning from the habits of those who live in the house, will automatically bring its switch off time forward with regard to the set time, ensuring a constant temperature but reducing consumption and therefore, harmful emissions into the environment.

If you are travelling, you can set the smart system to holiday mode.

You will have total remote control using the IRSAP NOW app which will signal all anomalies for timely intervention and therefore, there will be no unpleasant surprises on your return.

The system will continue operating at a minimum, at the anti-freeze temperature that will ensure your home will be warm enough at the end of the holidays.

The IRSAP NOW smart heating system can turn a traditional heating system into a really smart, wireless and multizone system, ensuring savings on your bill and above all, a notable reduction in harmful emissions into the environment.

The smart scheduling function means you can plan consumption carefully, on a daily or weekly basis, using energy only if you need to and therefore, cutting waste. 

Thanks to the  smart thermostatic valves connected to the whole system, you can also control the temperature of each single home radiator, guaranteeing the ideal comfort in every room, according to the way it is used.

These are smart valves that can be used with all radiator brands, designed to be safe even when children are present.

The Green Leaf saving indicator on IRSAP NOW will guide you in  optimising your heating system, ensuring you have the right comfort in every room of the house.

And that’s not all: with the  smart thermostat from IRSAP NOW it is also possible to detect the quality of the air you breathe in your home at any time, humidity levels and even the presence of harmful substances.

The thermostat then transfers these data to the app and provides you with useful tips on how to solve the situation and pollute less.


Help the environment and save money with IRSAP NOW

Help the environment and save money with IRSAP NOW


More than ever this year, when it is necessary to take more care to reduce energy waste.

A smart system like the one by IRSAP NOW allows you to rationalise your consumption using advanced functions and always with an eye to helping the environment.

Using fewer resources means fewer harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Above all during the holidays, when consumption is higher, the IRSAP NOW smart heating system is really a green solution!



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