When winter gets here, cold can cause issues to the hydraulic system pipes, and therefore to the heating system.

However, there are some measures that can help you prevent damages and breakages.


Cold-related risks for the heating system


Cold-related risks for the heating system


Winter brings along some issues for residential heating systems.

Cold puts a hard strain on hydraulic systems, especially those sections outside the buildings, or less protected during the coldest time of the day or night.

For instance, think about the pipes running in unheated places, such as garages or technical rooms.

A frozen pipe can cause serious issues for the system’s correct operation.

In particular, if the pipe contains some liquid, this could freeze over, thus breaking the pipe and the entire system.

Even more critical is the situation in mountain holiday homes.

Here, cold is a serious danger for heating systems, due to the water running inside the pipes.

Specifically, in winter temperatures often drop below zero, and they may cause the unpleasant situation of the water freezing over, and thus increasing its volume, causing the pipes to break.

Even when its pressure does not cause an actual break, the pipes can nevertheless be damaged, and in time this can lead to malfunctions and faults in the entire system.

For all those reason, you should always monitor the conditions of your hydraulic system, and make sure there is no actual damage, especially after a frost spell.


Anti-freeze solutions for heating systems

Anti-freeze solutions for heating systems


First of all, in order to prevent issues on the hydraulic system, before winter starts, you should check its conditions, so that you can solve any issue in time and prevent the onset of more serious problems.

Another useful precautions is surely to always keep your heating system at a constant temperature, and prevent excessively long shutdown periods.

If you want to protect it even more, the best solution is surely to adapt the pipe thermal insulation level; however, there are many alternatives.

Surely, it could be helpful to use special anti-freeze liquids for heating systems, that are poured directly into the pipes.

Indeed, there are several products designed especially to protect the pipes of your hydraulic system, and prevent corrosion or limescale build-ups.

However, the price of anti-freeze liquids for heating systems is not exactly low.

We are talking about several dozen Euros per bottle, on a periodical basis.

Especially in the case of holiday homes, another tip is to make sure you completely empty the system when it is not used.

This way, you can prevent water build-ups during the colder season.

Another efficient solution to prevent cold-related damage is to create a suitable insulation coating.

Exposed pipes are those more affected by cold, and they require more caution, when it comes to their insulation.

However, there are suitable materials sold for this purpose, and especially designed to obtain the best results, such as mineral wool casings, or heating anti-freeze cables (which emit heat via electricity), or also heating strips.


IRSAP NOW heating system anti-freeze thermostat


IRSAP NOW heating system anti-freeze thermostat


Apart from all the solutions showcased here, you can prevent all kinds of issue by using a smart heating system like the one sold by IRSAP NOW, and setting the anti-freeze function.

IRSAP NOW is the innovative wireless, multizone smart heating system, customizable for any kind of home: apartments, lofts, and townhouses.

Turn your traditional heating system into a smart heating system with IRSAP NOW.

This revolutionary heating system ensures comfort, savings in the bill, and remote control, plus a concrete help to protecting the environment, thanks to its limited emissions.

In addition, the different system functions ensure the utmost comfort, by learning from your habits and helping you automatically keep the right warmth in your home, managing everything from the App.

IRSAP NOW smart heating system is perfect, whether you are home or you are going out, even without warning.

Thanks to the Home/Away mode, the system knows when the house is empty and automatically adjusts the heating.

In addition, with the Holiday mode, the system is set to the anti-freeze temperature, both in case of short outings or extended journeys.

This way, the system prevents the water from freezing over in the pipes, and reducing consumption.

So you won’t find any unpleasant surprises, when you get back!

And it can all be controlled with IRSAP NOW smart thermostat.

This way, the system will be protected against any kind of damage, with guaranteed savings in the bill.

IRSAP NOW Smart Thermostat, helps you accurately set and measure the temperature of the room it is installed in, even remotely, with the IRSAP NOW App.

In addition, thanks to its evolved functions, you can control also the level of humidity and air quality.

Moreover, with the touch controls on the Thermostat, you can manage the temperature of the other rooms connected to the system, in just a few touches.

IRSAP NOW Smart Thermostat is really smart: its advanced algorithms learn from your habits and help you save energy.

IRSAP NOW smart thermostat is compatible with all boiler and heat pump models. With the help of our video tutorials on the App, you can install your wireless thermostat alone.

In addition, smart thermostat valves help you automatically adjust the hot water flow to each heater at the temperature selected and preset in the graduated knob.

As the room temperature reaches the desired value, the value closes, re-routing hot water toward the other heaters that are still open.

With them, you can set different temperatures in different rooms, based on your needs, and manage the heat correctly in your home.

In addition, IRSAP NOW smart thermostat valves are designed for children’s safety; you can set the manual block to prevent accidental valve rotations, and consequently temperature changes.

Lastly, IRSAP NOW Smart Valves can even detect when a window is open, by automatically adapting the heater’s temperature to the situation, and preventing useless consumption.



smart thermostat wifi

Smart Thermostat


The Smart Thermostat allows you to precisely set and measure the temperature of the room in which it is installed. Thanks to its advanced functionalities it also allows you to control humidity and air quality.

Smart Valve


With IRSAP NOW Smart Valves you control the temperature intelligently from wherever and whenver you want via smartphone.