There are simple rules and good habits that help achieve perfect comfort and save on your energy bills. Let's discover together how to adjust the temperature in your home, with the help of technology and the new systems available.



How do you regulate the heating temperature?


As the winter season approaches, it is important to remember that the indoor temperature of a house should not exceed 66,2° F. It is sufficient to provide residents with the right level of heating. This way, you avoid overly warm environments and a significant contrast with the outdoor temperature, which can be risky for our health.

So, how do you achieve the ideal microclimate?

  • For those living in a house with an autonomous heating system, it is essential to set the thermostat correctly.
  • For those residing in a condominium or residential complex with centralised heating, attention should be given to the management of thermostatic valves.

The thermostat controls the heating systems, turning them on and off and regulating the temperature. When setting the temperature in your home, it is important to remember that, according to the World Health Organization, thermal comfort falls within the range of 64,4° F to 68° F. Any degree higher is unnecessary and reflects in your monthly expenses, considering the higher energy costs.

Thermostatic valves determine the flow of hot water to the radiators. They are marked with numerical values: the higher the value, the higher the temperature. By installing them on all radiators, it becomes easier to achieve the right balance and maximise energy savings.

How to set the heating in your home?


For those with an independent heating system, there are two types of thermostats for setting the home's temperature.

  • The manual thermostat represents the more traditional version. It has a power on/off button and a dial that you rotate to the desired temperature. The thermostat activates the boiler when the recorded temperature is lower than the set temperature. If it is higher, it turns the system on and off to maintain a constant level.
  • The smart thermostat is the most advanced technological evolution, an excellent solution for energy efficiency. It allows for scheduling the hours to keep the heating on and, of course, setting the desired temperature. Some models offer options like measuring humidity levels. The data can be quickly accessed remotely through the dedicated smartphone application, which also allows you to adjust the internal temperature.

In light of the most recent guidelines regarding energy savings and cost optimization, the smart thermostat is the most suitable tool for maintaining a range between a minimum temperature of 64,4° F and a maximum of 68° F.

Then there is the boiler thermostat, which is used to regulate the temperature of the water distributed in the supply pipes of the system. It controls the so-called water supply temperature.



How to adjust heating to save money?


Heating makes our home life comfortable and its proper management makes it even better. Not only does it reduce expenses, but it also ensures significantly healthier air quality.

  • If the indoor temperature is too high, the air becomes drier. This condition can lead to respiratory problems, coughing, headaches, and eye irritation. The skin becomes dry and itchy, and it's easier to experience sinus problems, from congestion to sneezing.
  • If the indoor temperature is too low, the humidity level increases excessively, promoting mould formation. It's not just an aesthetic concern; mould is the cause of persistent migraines, respiratory tract irritations, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping. It can also lead to nausea and vomiting due to the spread of spores.

For those with an independent heating system, home automation can be used to schedule heating activation and deactivation. When the house is empty, the system can be turned off and then easily activated with a simple click before returning, ensuring a comfortable warmth upon arrival, not too strong and not too low.

With the help of smart valves, the temperature in individual rooms can be easily adjusted through smartphone functions. They are an excellent option for those living in apartments with centralised heating to control the operation of radiators.

Moreover, this generation of valves has sensors that detect if a window is open, allowing them to intervene with the radiator to prevent unnecessary heat loss.

Healthy air translates to health and financial benefits.



How to set the thermostat in winter?


Keeping the heating system running at its maximum capacity at all times is not the ideal solution. Additionally, as previously mentioned, simply raising the temperature in your home to 68° F is enough to feel comfortable, even in winter.

The secret to effective heating, however, lies not only in adjusting the thermostat to the recommended temperatures but also in equipping yourself with more efficient heat generators. These include modern condensing boilers, which, thanks to their design, allow the recovery of heat from the combustion gases and vapours produced.

Their thermodynamic efficiency is significantly higher than that of traditional boilers because the recovered thermal energy increases by almost 20%.

Alternatively, a heat pump offers even more remarkable performance. It has a closed circuit with a regenerating fluid inside. Heat from a natural external source, such as the air, is transferred to this water-based system to be distributed throughout the house as heating. It pairs perfectly with modern underfloor heating systems.

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