While in the autumn we turned on the heating to balance the lower temperatures, now that winter is coming, it is time to make the most of one of the smartest settings on the IRSAP NOW smart heating system: Comfort mode.

Find out how to find the ideal temperature every time you come home!


The IRSAP NOW system modes


The IRSAP NOW system modes


The IRSAP NOW system is smart as it has foreseen a number of automatic configurations to meet your heating needs.

Thanks to this technology, you won’t need to manually configure the settings on your system each time you want to change them, but just select the mode suitable mode.

Let’s look at the available function modes on the IRSAP NOW system together, before focusing on one of them, particularly appreciated in this period of the year: Comfort mode.


Home/Away Mode: in the event of leaving the home unexpectedly

Home/Away Mode: in the event of leaving the home unexpectedly


The Home/Away modes allows you to change the heating configurations depending on whether you are at home or out.

This mode is extremely convenient in the event of you leaving the home unexpectedly: in this case, in fact, you won’t have to worry about turning off the heating before going out, but just select the “Away” mode remotely, to avoid waste while you are away from your home.

In this way, use of the heating will be reduced until you return home, thus avoiding any waste of heat.

The question “Have I turned off the heating?” will no longer bother you, but will be a distant memory instead.


Holiday Mode: a carefree holiday


Holiday Mode: a carefree holiday 


If you plan to be away for a long time, Holiday mode is the one for you.

By activating this configuration, the heating system will be set to antifreeze temperature.

More specifically, the Holiday function selects a minimum temperature that is automatically maintained while you are away from home for a prolonged period, such as when you are on holiday.

In this way, you can maintain the home environment and system if the room temperatures should go below the set value.

Say goodbye to unpleasant surprises when you come back from your skiing holiday!


Eco Mode: savings galore

Eco Mode: savings galore


Eco mode is one of the features of the IRSAP NOW system that makes it even more  environmentally friendly.

This mode combats the wastage of heat energy and consequent increase in carbon dioxide by reducing consumption smartly.

By turning on this mode, the heating programme does not change and the system will carry on following your habits.

However, by turning off the heating a little earlier compared to the normal time, you can reduce consumption and emissions, without losing out on comfort.


Comfort Mode: for a pleasant return home


Comfort Mode: for a pleasant return home


Turning off the heating when not at home is definitely the right thing to do.

However, with traditional heating systems, the house will be cold when we return home and it will take some time for our home to reach the desired temperature after we turn the heating back on.

To remedy this problem, the IRSAP NOW smart heating system has developed a dedicated function mode: Comfort mode.

By turning it on, the heating will turn on earlier than the scheduled time to allow you to enjoy the temperature you want on your return home.

Let’s find out why this function mode is ideal when the real cold is on its way.


Why choose Comfort mode

Why choose Comfort mode


As Comfort mode turns on the heating before you return home, you may think mistakenly that this function mode encourages waste.

Actually, this is not the case.

Comfort mode, like all the other IRSAP NOW system settings, is a part of a truly smart coordinated system, comprising a smart thermostat and smart thermostat valves.

Thanks to this system, the waste of energy due to the emission of heat never goes beyond the necessary rate to reach the desired temperature.

In addition, to compensate for turning on the heating earlier, before you return home, you can then activate Eco mode, that turns it off slightly earlier than the set time.

In that period of the year between autumn and winter, it can be truly unpleasant to return home after a long day at work and not be able to immediately enjoy some well-deserved relaxation, because your home is still too cold.

Instead, finding a perfectly heated environment makes the house immediately welcoming and ready to do anything you want in the ideal thermal well-being.

That is why Comfort mode is especially useful in the period leading up to winter, when the temperatures drop sharply.

If you don’t have a smart heating system yet, you can start with the Smart Thermostat Kit or the Smart Thermostat Valve Kit.

The various function modes are available on the IRSAP app and can be managed easily and intuitively from your smartphone.

Exactly: it is not necessary to set them in advance, before leaving the house. You can activate them simply at any time remotely.

Discover all the features of the IRSAP NOW smart heating system!



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