Saving on your bills but also enjoying a comfortable, efficient heating system?

It is totally possible if you have a smart heating system like IRSAP NOW!

In fact, the modern functions of the system guarantee full home comfort in the coldest months, also making sure you don’t waste energy and keep consumption under control.

Here are four tips to help you heat your home will saving.


Set a temperature that is not too high


Set a temperature that is not too high


The first way to immediately save money is to set a temperature in each room that is not too high, trying to keep it as constant as possible.

Scientific studies have established that the ideal temperature in a home should be between 19° and 22°, with a humidity rate of 40-60%.

With a constant temperature, once it has reached the desired temperature, the heating system will work less, burning less raw material and ensuring a lower bill.

The IRSAP NOW smart heating system helps you do just this!

IRSAP NOW is an innovative, wireless and multi-zone system that can be customised for any type of home, designed to improve comfort, reduce environmental impact, but above all optimise consumption.

Also, the smart thermostat means you can set the temperature of the room where it is installed precisely, also remotely by using the IRSAP NOW app.

And thanks to its advanced functions, it allows you to also control the rate of humidity and air quality.

The Smart Thermostat is truly smart: advanced algorithms, the result of  IRSAP's over 50 years in the heating sector, can learn from your habits and help you save energy.

Your gas and electricity bills will be lower, and you will be protecting the environment by reducing emissions at the same time.


Maintain the health of your boiler so that it continues to function optimally

Maintain the health of your boiler so that it continues to function optimally


Maintaining a constant temperature at home also helps to keep your boiler healthy, so that it will always work at minimum power.

In this way, the boiler motor is not placed under particular stress and will last longer, as will its parts.

In any case, your boiler should undergo maintenance each year before the winter arrives.

This is even more true if we speak about boilers in mountain homes, which are not usually inhabited all year round.

The dangers here multiply.

First of all, there is a risk of water freezing in the pipes, blocking the entire system.

For this reason, especially in these cases, a temperature should be maintained of around 10 degrees Celsius.

Using the IRSAP NOW system in Holiday Mod, you can set your system to the anti-freeze temperature, for a lower consumption and no surprises when you return.

Using the IRSAP NOW Smart Heating App, you can control the system remotely, receiving notifications about any abnormality and allowing you to heat the house to the desire temperature on your arrival.

For example, if the boiler shuts down, the app will notify you immediately on your phone, allowing you to rapidly intervene.


Adjust the temperature in different ways depending on the home environment


Adjust the temperature in different ways depending on the home environment


We spend different amounts of time in the various rooms in our homesin a typical day, therefore each room also requires a different temperature.

For example, we presume that we spend a large part of the day in the lounge, mostly sitting down on a sofa or armchair, and dressed.

We therefore require a higher temperature, between 20° and 22°.

Vice versa, in a bedroom, the place where we normally only spend time at night, with duvets or blankets covering us, we can turn down the heating a little.

We can therefore set a temperature of 16°-18°.

This also protects us against a few problems.

An overly hot bedroom can disturb our sleep, in fact.

The IRSAP NOW Smart heating system helps you to manage each room in your home separately, providing you with the possibility of choosing the correct temperature for each room in your home.

In fact, with IRSAP NOW, you can set a different temperature in each room.

This allows you to create a smart, multi-zone heating system, remotely controlled via the App, to personalise the comfort of your home, according to your needs.

In fact, thanks to the smart thermovalves, it is possible to set a different temperature in each room, depending on the habits and uses of the person living there.

IRSAP NOW Smart Valves increase or decrease the temperature by turning the cylindrical knob on the valve.

By turning the knob, the LED colour will change, also changing the temperature in the room where it is installed. 

Without considering the fact that the IRSAP NOW App now makes it easy to monitor the temperature set in the room.

The IRSAP NOW thermostatic wireless heads can be installed without the need for any masonry work and are compatible with all radiator brands and the main valve brands.


Adjust the temperature in different ways depending on the time of day

Adjust the temperature in different ways depending on the time of day


Not just different rooms, but also different times of the day.

In a typical family where the adults work and the children go to school, during th day a house is often empty. Leaving the heating system on full means pointlessly wasting resources, with a consequent increase in costs.

Using the IRSAP NOW wireless thermostat, and thanks to the Home/Away mode, the heating system learns from your habits, detecting when there is nobody at home and adjusting the temperature according to some precise calculations.

Also, by activating geofencing, everything functions automatically.

All this without ever losing control, as you can manage changes from your App in the event of anything unexpected happening.

When you arrive home, you will always find it at the right temperature!

Also, as well as unexpected events, like suddenly going out or coming back home, the IRSAP NOW smart heating system can also detect whether a window has accidentally been left open, adjusting the temperature and thus preventing pointless waste.


Eco mode: more free saving.


Eco mode: more free saving.


Once you have ensured your own comfort and correct consumption, why not think about the environment too?

IRSAP NOW Smart Heating allows you to do this too!

With its Eco Mode, the system will continue to follow your habits, but will turn the heating off a little earlier than set, reducing consumption and harmful emissions for the environment, without every causing any loss of comfort.



Smart Valve Kit wifi

Smart Valve Kit

The IRSAP NOW smart thermostat valve kit is ideal to start experiencing home comfort with smart heating. With IRSAP NOW Smart Valves you control the temperature from wherever and whenever you want via smartphone.

Smart Valve


With IRSAP NOW Smart Valves you control the temperature intelligently from wherever and whenver you want via smartphone. 

Connection Unit & Repeater


The Connection Unit is connected to your home router and is indispensable for controlling all the other devices in the system from wherever and whenever you want directly from your smartphone.