In summer, there is no need for domestic heating, so there are already considerable savings on your bill.

However, there are some small tricks that, by avoiding unnecessary waste, not only do you preserve the proper functioning of the system, but can also help to save even more.

In this way, unforeseen expenses can be avoided at the start of next winter, when your heating will have to be fully operational again.

This can be done completely independently and in this article you will learn some tips for doing so.


Impostare la modalità estate sulla caldaia


Set the boiler to summer mode


Two modes are usually indicated on modern boilers: winter and summer.

These are often marked with snow and sun symbols , or a symbol of  tap (meaning hot water) and a radiator together with the tap.

Therefore, during the hot season it is good to set the heating mode to summer, as it is not enough just to set the thermostat to zero. 

In fact, the boiler in summer/winter mode set to 'summer' will only work to produce domestic hot water for the taps, and will no longer operate the heating system, thus avoiding unnecessary waste of gas.

On some systems, this functionality is managed via the summer/winter thermostat. But how does it work?

By moving the thermostat wheel to the desired season, it is possible to programme boiler operation, setting the temperature of the hot water flowing through the pipes, deciding when to turn the heating on and when to turn it off, and the minimum and maximum temperature for it to operate.

Newer boilers are regulated by a wifi summer/winter thermostat or chrono thermostat.

A smart thermostat offers greater savings than manual thermostats, since unlike manual thermostats, which set themselves constantly by switching on and off automatically, they can be set as we like, even choosing at what times and on what days to change the temperature.

In this way, we will have an intelligent use of heating that fits our habits as well as a further reduction of waste.


Set the water temperature on the boiler

Set the water temperature on the boiler


On the boiler you will usually also find controls that allow you to set the water temperature.

In summer, given the already high outside temperatures, boiling water is not essential.

For this reason, for those who wish to achieve good savings on their bills, a lower water temperature of between 45°C and 50°C can be set.

This is an ideal value, beyond which pipe clogging and boiler failure can occur.


Adjusting thermostatic valves on radiators


Adjusting thermostatic valves on radiators


During the summer period, many people tend to shut off  on radiators, setting them to zero.

We do not recommend doing this, as it can lead to the formation of limescale and sediment that can affect not only the working of the radiator, but also the future operation of the boiler.

In fact, when just one device in the heating system is malfunctioning, the entire system is affected, which may temporarily block or generate even more serious damage.

It is therefore advisable to leave the valves open normally.

There is no need to worry about consumption: if the boiler is set to summer mode, no heat will be produced and no resources will be wasted.

Thus, at the beginning of the following winter, one simply has to remember to carry out routine maintenance on the radiator for optimal operation of the device and valves.

Then simply check each individual radiator for leaks and make sure that no air is present inside.


Your smart heating system during the summer: how it helps to save money

Your smart heating system during the summer: how it helps to save money


If you have installed a smart heating system like the one from IRSAP NOW, you won't have to worry about a thing.

We are talking about the innovative system that allows you to transform your traditional system into an intelligent, wireless, multi-zone heating system that can be customised for any type of home.

It is designed to improve comfort, reduce the impact on the environment and save money by optimising consumption, even in summer or when the system does not have to run at full capacity.

What's more, if you have a holiday home that you don't use during the year, summer mode allows you to manage your heating intelligently, without consuming energy during the summer, but still remaining active to ensure perfect operation when you need it.

All remotely controllable thanks to the IRSAP NOW App, available on Android and iOS and compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

In addition, thanks to the smart thermovalves of IRSAP NOW your heating system will always be kept under control, even on each individual radiator where each valve is installed.

Therefore, a good circulation of water will always be maintained without allowing the formation of limescale, all without burning gas.

IRSAP's intelligent thermostatic valves are wireless and designed to optimise radiator use: by dynamically managing the flow of water, they increase the efficiency of the heating system.

In addition, they can detect the temperature of each room and can be adjusted via the IRSAP NOW app.

They are compatible with most hydraulic radiators on the market, so it is generally possible to easily replace a conventional thermostatic valve with a smart thermostatic valve.

In addition, the valves are then connected to the intelligent thermostat.

The IRSAP NOW smart thermostat  not only learns from your habits by adjusting itself automatically, but also allows you to set summer mode in your home, saving you money on consumption.

In addition, it can give you constant updates on the quality of the air you breathe in your home by detecting temperature and humidity.

The IRSAP NOW heating system is compatible with all brands of radiators and leading manufacturers of hydraulic valves.



termostato intelligente wifi

Smart Thermostat

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Replace your traditional thermostat with our wireless smart thermostat with advanced functions to easily set the temperature and accurately measure the temperature, humidity level and air quality in your home.


Smart Valve

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Control the temperature of each room separately. Our wireless thermostatic valves are compatible with all radiator brands and leading hydraulic valve manufacturers.


Connection Unit & Repeater

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Multi-storey or very large house? Add a Connection Unit to be used in Repeater mode to extend the signal to all rooms and ensure proper communication with other devices in your IRSAP NOW wireless heating system.