The current energy crisis is causing quite a few problems for Italy and its population.

Higher gas prices, due to the search for suppliers to replace Russia, which is currently being sanctioned for its military operations in Ukraine, are leading to procurement problems for raw materials and, as a result, a serious increase in heating costs for all Italians.

The United Kingdom has brought in a package of measures to boost energy efficiency in the home.

The programme, known as the Home Energy Saving Programme, will allow families to save 350 euros per year on their energy costs.

The aim is to consume less and more responsibly.

Moreover, based on this programme, energy suppliers encourage consumers to systematically change the way they use energy.

Even simple actions such as lowering the thermostat or not leaving appliances on stand-by can have a significant impact.

According to estimates from British agency, the Energy Saving Trust, for example, lowering the thermostat by 1°C makes it possible to reduce heating costs by approx. 10%.

Aside from government intervention, conscious behaviour by each member of the public can really make a difference, making it possible to achieve savings in raw material consumption and above all, in final costs.

This conscious behaviour has benefits for everyone in terms of economic factors, but also for health, above all with the support of technology.

So let’s take a look at how this has been achieved, and which is the best technological solution to bring about real savings.


Why is it better to avoid excessively high temperatures in winter?


Why is it better to avoid excessively high temperatures in winter?


Lowering the temperature of your home by a degree during the winter, meaning taking it from 20 to 19 degrees, can have a positive effect on people’s health.

Although perceived heat changes from person to person, an excessively high temperature in the home can also involve some risks.

Too much heat, such as above 22°C, together with too much humidity can be harmful to health.

These are conditions that aid the growth of micro-organisms, mould, and dust mites, all extremely allergenic agents.

As well as this, too much heat also helps to boost the arrival of respiratory infections, because it encourages the circulation of bacteria and viruses.

If the temperature in the home is not perfect, it can also lead to headaches, due to excessive vasodilation; insufficient humidity will dry out the skin and may cause dermatitis.

Lastly, a high temperature in the home assumes a more intensive use of the boiler, increasing the risk of it releasing highly toxic substances such as carbon monoxide.

Source: IRCSS Humanitas


Does one degree less really make a difference?

Does one degree less really make a difference?


In the light of the above, the answer to this problem is clearly no.

The human body adapts quickly and in this case, we are not talking about a significant variation.

The ideal winter temperature  to guarantee the proper thermal comfort for the body is between 18° and 23°C, with air humidity ranging from between 40% and 60%, and therefore, absolutely within the range set by the latest administrative provisions.

There are all the conditions, therefore, to guarantee the right well-being in the home, which then translates as personal physical and mental wellness.

This idea is supported by reliable sources.

According to Maurizio Cancian, president of the Italian Society for General Medicine and Primary Care, 19°C is the perfect temperature during the day, while17°-18°C is the ideal temperature at night, when we are sleeping.

If we feel cold, then we should add another layer of clothing.

No problems for health then.


Smart heating: because it helps to comply with the rules and to keep us healthy


Smart heating: because it helps to comply with the rules and to keep us healthy


An excellent aid in complying with the new rules on home temperatures during the winter, and which helps to keep us healthy but also guarantees ideal living comfort, can definitely come from technology.

Using a  smart heating system like IRSAP NOW means you can always keep the situation under control, guaranteeing the ideal home temperature all winter long.

This is a wireless, multi-zone system, able to adjust automatically according to whether or not there are people in the room and therefore, to distribute heat better.

In fact, the Smart Scheduling function allows the system to automatically learn the habits of those who live in the home, correctly adjusting the temperature of the different rooms.

You can also plan the temperature of different rooms according to your needs and your habits, as well as on a daily or weekly basis.

Not only does the system offer you complete control of temperature with no problems,

the smart thermostat by IRSAP NOW also lets you check air quality and air humidity in the room where it is installed.

All devices in the IRSAP NOW smart heating system are connected to one another and also accessible remotely using the dedicated app.

Here it is also possible to view all the statistics for the different heating functions and tips on how to improve the air quality and living comfort. 

What’s more, the smart thermostatic valves make it possible to manage water flow inside each individual radiator, which guarantees a constant, correct temperature as a result.

These functions, as well as promoting thermal comfort and heat, also significantly reduce consumption, with a notable saving in bills.


IRSAP NOW: comfort, savings and health

IRSAP NOW: comfort, savings and health


We have illustrated the government provisions for saving gas, with the temperature to maintain at home during the winter and about when to switch on the heating.

These measures, as we have seen, have no negative impact on public health.

Moreover, technology has come to your aid to comply with these rules and at the same time, maintain the ideal thermal comfort: try the IRSAP NOW smart heating system and stop wasting energy this winter!




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