Heating costs are almost always the highest of your household bills.

But how much consumption does the bill actually refer to?

To save and reduce costs, monitoring your consumption is an essential step to take.

This article explains how to do that, using a smart heating system, and why it is important to do so.


How much do we consume for heating?


How much do we consume for heating?


According to calculations by the Electricity and Gas Authority, a family of two adults and one child consume approximately 3,000 kWh of electricity for lighting and common household appliances each year.

This value increases if the type of heating is electric, and increases even more if the system is old.

Further factors affecting the consumption of electricity are obviously the number of household appliances used, family habits and the type of heat insulation the house has, if any.

Instead, if we take a look at gas consumption, the same family on average uses 2,000 kWh of gas per year for cooking and hot water.

This figure increases to 20,000 kWh gas if it also used for heating.

Some of the parameters that affect gas consumption are the size of the house, the age of the house, and of course how the heating system is managed.

Overall, data show that on average more than half of domestic consumption, to be precise 64% of the total, is due to heating. Clearly, therefore, heating is a key element to consider, if you want to save money, protecting your wallet (and the environment!).

In order to save on heating costs, keeping in check consumption. But how can we do that?


How can we save on consumption?

How can we save on consumption?


 Smart heating , whether electrical or hydraulic, is an essential ally insaving costs.

The main reason is that a smart heating system reduces waste, thus avoiding heating the home when and where there is no need. But how?

There are two well known, popular technologies that help to save when smart heating is used:  a smart thermostat and smart thermostatic valves.

However, as we will see, these are not the only ones!

A smart thermostat regulates the temperature in the rooms, detecting changes in temperature.

In this way, the intelligent thermostat prevents heat dispersing and keeps the temperature at a constant optimal rate.

Living comfort is thus improved, while avoiding pointless expense, all contributing to making home management more practical.

Intelligent thermostatic valves, on the other hand, make it simple to programme which rooms to heat and how much to heat them, even from remote, also detecting if any windows are open.

In addition to smart thermostat and smart thermostatic valve technology, one of the most important technological innovations that helps to save is monitoring consumption.

Each of these tools will allow you to save thanks to their functions.

While the first two are better known, not everyone knows that the third, namely tracking consumption, is one of the most important.

Let’s take a look at why.


Saving on heating costs by discovering how much and when you consume energy


Saving on heating costs by discovering how much and when you consume energy


To find out how to save on heating costs, understanding when and how much you use your heating is essential.

A precise estimate, which once would have been very hard to achieve, is now possible thanks to the consumption monitoring tool built in to smart heating systems. Monitoring consumption of the IRSAP NOW system is especially practical, as it processes usage statistic based on systematic, accurate tracking of consumed thermal energy.

Tracking takes into account all the significant parameters, such as the house’s characteristics, how much the various areas in the house are used, the heat dispersion rate from the roof, floor and walls as well as other important factors.

The system orders and memorises the collected data and produces some simple, intuitive graphs that give a clear picture of all the heating usage information.

This overview allows you to keep a permanent eye on everything you need to know about your own consumption.

The smartphone APP also monitors consumption remotely, from wherever and whenever you wish.

The consumption tracking tool built into the IRSAP NOW smart heating system allows you to see how much thermal energy is actually used to heat your home. In this way, it is easy to connect the costs charged to your bill with the actual usage of heating, and consequently adjust your consumption.

By monitoring your actual home consumption, you will realise the wastage that you could avoid and which habits you could change to make actual savings, without having to forego the comfort of optimal heating.

Lastly, you will realise how and when heating most affects the bill and can evaluate which provider and most convenient energy tariff best suit your family’s needs on the basis of precise data.


Monitor your consumption and become a more mindful consumer

Monitor your consumption and become a more mindful consumer


Knowing when and how you use your heating will make you a more mindful consumer, who uses certain worthwhile stratagems and better habits in order to use resources more sustainably, efficiently and economically.

Use our saving calculator and find out how much the IRSAP NOW allows you to save money on your bill and optimises consumption in your home!



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