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One of those people who likes to have an interconnected home to control with an Alexa voice assistant or Google Home?

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Do you dream of having smart home heating?



App IRSAP NOW Smart Heating System


Introducing IRSAP NOW, the smart home heating system


If you are looking for a solution that will help you convert your traditional system into an intelligent one, then you are in the right place: with IRSAP NOW, home heating becomes smart.

IRSAP NOW is the innovative system that allows you to intelligently manage the heat in your home. In short, IRSAP NOW is the smart home heating.

The active brain of the entire system is the App, with which you can configure your heating system, control it and manage it how, where and when you want.

Having it and using it is very easy.

Simply download it for free from the App Store or Play Store, create your account and follow the simple video guides to set up and install the products.

The devices that can be associated with the App are:


  • IRSAP NOW products
  • The latest electric radiators from IRSAP


In fact, the IRSAP NOW offer consists of several products to allow maximum compatibility of the system with traditional heating systems to convert them into "smart" systems.

Therefore, the IRSAP NOW System is based on IRSAP 's decades of experience in radiators and heating.

This is to offer the public a new, but complete product, capable of adapting to practically any type of requirement.

In short, a system that allows you to intelligently manage every single part of your heating system.


IRSAP NOW app: the smart heating system

What does it mean to manage heating intelligently?


lmagine being able to connect your thermostat, boiler and all the radiators in your home (or office) to your home internet network, so that they can be remotely managed and monitored at all times, wherever you are, via an App.

But not only that.

You can even connect your heating system to your Alexa or Google Home voice assistant, so you can control it with a simple voice command.

Now do you understand why IRSAP NOW is the smart home heating system?

But that's not all.

In fact, the IRSAP NOW App also allows you to customise the management of your heating system, choosing between different modes and functions that allow you to combine comfort with savings in consumption and costs.

Discover all the benefits of a connected heating system.

But which are the devices that when connected to the App allow you to get the benefits that the IRSAP NOW  Intelligent Heat Management System offers?

As mentioned above, the IRSAP NOW system consists of 4 different products.

 IRSAP NOW products



IRSAP NOW Smart Heating System: riscaldamento intelligente


1. Basic kit


To start building your own IRSAP NOW system, we have created 2 basic kits:



The first one contains one Connection Unit and one Smart Thermostat IRSAP NOW, while the second one contains one Connection Unit and two  IRSAP NOW Smart Valves.

The basic kits are designed to help you start building your IRSAP NOW System while saving money.

Of course, the kits are only a starting point: they must then be enriched and complemented with the other IRSAP NOW products to enable you to get the right IRSAP NOW System for you.

In this way you can have an Intelligent Heating Management System that best suits your needs, maximising efficiency and optimising costs, resulting in considerable savings.


Kit 1 - Smart Thermostat and Kit 2 - Smart Velve IRSAP NOW smart thermostat and smart thermostatic valve

2. Connection Unit & Repeater.


If the App is the brain of the IRSAP NOW System, the Connection Unit can be considered its beating heart.

In fact, the Connection Unit is the essential component of the whole system: whatever type of heating system you have, if you want to make your system "smart" you will need one.

Specifically, the Connection Unit is the component that collects information from the App and redistributes it to all the other components of the IRSAP NOW System.

The Connection Unit is powered via USB cable and must be connected to the Wi-Fi router with at least one free LAN port via Ethernet cable.

In the case of very large or multi-floor houses, it is possible to add up to 5 Connection Units to be used in Repeater mode to extend the signal to all rooms and ensure correct communication with the other devices in your system.

The signal range of each Connection Unit is approximately 15 metres, but may vary depending on the environment.

In fact, the presence of metal elements, reinforced concrete or stone walls can alter the range of the signal.

Thus, if the App is the mind of IRSAP NOW, the Connection Unit is the System's powerhouse, while all other components can be considered its "operational arms".


Connection Unit IRSAP NOW

3. Smart thermostat: IRSAP NOW wireless thermostat


This element of the System is much more than a smart thermostat.

In fact, the Smart Thermostat not only accurately measures the temperature, but also takes care of detecting the humidity level in the room where it is installed and assessing the air quality.

Theuser can monitor the situation anywhere and at any time via smartphone.

In fact, the thermostat communicates with the IRSAP NOWApp by radio frequency via the Connection Unit.

The Smart Thermostat is battery powered and can be placed on the wall.

In addition, the highly readable white LED in addition to the 3 side control buttons allows you to display the temperature, humidity level and air quality of each room in your home in a simple and intuitive way.

In fact, depending on the type of heating system you have, by installing a valve on each radiator, or by placing a thermostat in each room of your house, multi-zone management allows you to control each room separately.

What's more, the simple, compact design and white colour make it elegant and suitable for any type of environment.

The Smart Thermostat communicates with the Connection Unit via radio frequency, and through this it communicates with the App.


IRSAP NOW Smart Thermostat

4. Smart Valve: smart thermostatic valves


The IRSAP NOW smart valve is the component of the system that must be installed on each individual radiator to control your zone heating system.

The Smart Valve is available in more than 20 different colours.

So you can customise it to match your radiator or have fun creating lots of different combinations.

In addition, the Smart Valve is able to adapt to any type of environment, thanks to its compact and elegant style.

You can adjust your Smart Valve by turning the outer casing or by controlling it directly from the App.

In fact, the intelligent valve of IRSAP NOW not only measures the temperature precisely, but also has the 'Manual Lock' and 'Open Window' functions.

Both of these functions can be activated from theApp and serve, the first to prevent the temperature from changing due to unintentional rotation of the valve shell (e.g. by children or during cleaning), and the second to prevent unnecessary heat loss.

In particular, the latter functionality ensures that in the room where an open window is detected, the heating is temporarily suspended.

Finally, the front circular LED is aninterface that allows you to monitor the situation quickly, easily and intuitively.


Smart Valve IRSAP NOW: wifi smart thermostatic valve

5. Starter


This is the heat generator activation and management module, which gives you optimal control of your domestic water.

The IRSAP NOW starter can be installed on all modern generators (boilers or heat pumps) and is used to optimise their operation.

In fact, once applied to the generator, the Starter allows you to efficiently manage domestic water, communicating via radio frequency with the Connection Unit and, through this, with the App.

In this way you can activate, control and manage the activation of your boiler or heat pump anytime and anywhere remotely via smartphone.

This way, you can use it only when you really need it, thus in an environmentally sustainable way, saving in consumption and also in costs.

The IRSAP NOW Starter features a simple, compact design and is cable-powered.

In addition, the central button and the side LED, with their light interface, signal to you respectively when the generator is on or off and when the starter is working properly.


Starter IRSAP NOW intelligent boiler module

IRSAP electric radiators with integrated IRSAP NOW system.


However, the IRSAP NOW System does not only work with IRSAP NOW products, which can be purchased online on this website, but also with IRSAP electric radiators.

In April, IRSAP, a European leader in the heating sector for over 60 years, launched its brand new range of 'smart' electric radiators.

These radiators, connected to the home wifi network, can be associated with the IRSAP NOW App, so that they can be managed and controlled anytime and anywhere remotely via smartphone.

To discover the full range of IRSAP connected electric radiators click here.

What are you waiting for?

Order your favourite electric radiator from an authorised IRSAP dealer, or discover the right IRSAP NOW System for you using our configurator.

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Radiatori elettrici smart IRSAP: termosifoni intelligenti



Kit Smart Valve


Get maximum comfort and set the ideal temperature in each area of your home with the Smart Valve Kit. Control the temperature from wherever and whenever you want via smartphone. 

Smart Valve


Control  the temperature of each room separately. Our wireless thermostatic valves are compatible with all radiator brands and leading hydraulic valve manufacturers.

Connection Unit & Repeater


Multi-storey or very large house? Add a Connection Unit to be used in Repeater mode to extend the signal to all rooms and ensure proper communication with other devices in your IRSAP NOW wireless heating system.

Kit Smart Thermostat


The IRSAP NOW smart thermostat kit is ideal to start experiencing home comfort with smart heating. The Smart Thermostat allows you to easily set the temperature of your home and accurately measure the temperature, humidity level and air quality.