The ideal temperature inside a house is certainly very personal.

Indeed, each one of us perceives heat in a very different way, based on many factors.

However, even at regulatory level, it is recommended to keep a temperature comprised between 19 and 21 degrees, with a tolerance of a few degrees higher or lower.

But is it really worth it to keep the same temperature in the entire house?


Why does every room in your home require a different ideal temperature, and what does it depend on?


Why does every room in your home require a different ideal temperature, and what does it depend on?


The answer to the previous question is no, due to several factors.

First of all, different rooms are lived in different times and ways during a typical day.

For instance, it is assumed that we spend most of our days in the living room, in stationary stances, sitting on an armchair or on the couch, and usually wearing loungewear.

Therefore, this room should be warmer.

Vice versa, in the bedroom, where we spend time just at night, with blankets on us, we should lower the heating a bit.

Setting a different temperature for every room could be beneficial from many standpoints.

Firstly, for our health, since an excessive temperature in one room can lead to many hassles.

For instance, a bedroom that is too warm can cause and develop sleeping disorders.

In addition, since each room is related to specific needs and uses, heating every single room in a customized way helps achieve benefits in terms of comfort.

What’s more, adjusting the heating in the different rooms of our house undoubtedly generates less consumption, and thus a lower bill.

So, how can you set a different temperature in your rooms?


 IRSAP NOW and the Multizone function

 IRSAP NOW and the Multizone function


With IRSAP NOW Smart heating system, this is absolutely possible.

Indeed, IRSAP NOW is a complete and customizable system that allows you to turn your traditional system into a smart zonal heating system, with remote control.

With IRSAP NOW, you can now create your comforting scenarios, and customize the warmth of your rooms, according to your needs.

Indeed, thanks to smart thermostat valves, you can set a different temperature in every single environment, depending on the needs and customs of the people living there.

You can increase or decrease the temperature, by turning the valve cylinder housing directly: the LED colour will change, adjusting the temperature in the room where the valve is installed.

This way, you can easily monitor the temperature you set in the room, from the IRSAP NOW app.

The LED colours on the smart thermostat valves correspond to the following temperature ranges:


  • Blue: 12.0°- 15.5°C
  • Light blue: 16.0°- 19.5°C
  • Green: 20.0°- 22.5°C
  • Orange: 23.0°- 25.5°C
  • Red: 26.0°- 32.0°C


The white LED corresponds to the anti-freeze setting (5°).

You can even manage the system remotely, via App, and adjust your heating program at any time.

In the same way, you can set the manual lock, to prevent accidental handling by children or during cleaning.

IRSAP NOW smart thermovalves can be installed without masonry works required, and are compatible with all heater brands and the main valve manufacturers.


The right temperature in every room


The right temperature in every room


So, like we saw, it is best to set a different temperature in each room of our home.

Here are a few useful tips by a company that has been in charge of heating systems for over 60 years.


The perfect bedroom temperature

The perfect bedroom temperature


First of all, keep in mind that bedrooms usually require less heat during the day, since they are not normally used.

In addition, you should keep the door closed, to prevent heat dispersions toward the outside, and vice versa.

And what is the ideal temperature at night?

With a bedroom temperature comprised between 16 and 19 degrees, our body should be able to keep its temperature (36 degrees) without getting colder or sweating.

In general, to prevent health issues, such as dry mucous membranes or impaired metabolism, you should never set the heating at night above 20°, even if you are very sensitive to cold.

In the same way, you should ventilate your room well before going to sleep, to ensure the right level of air humidity, which should always be around 40-50%.

In addition, beds should be placed at least 80 cm from the heaters.

On the other hand, a baby’s room temperature should be slightly different.

Their room should be warmer than the living room.

Therefore, during the day, the temperature should be around 21-22°, while at night the baby’s room temperature can be lowered up to 18°.

As the baby grows, these value will change, getting closer to the living room’s.


The perfect bathroom temperature


The perfect bathroom temperature


Concerning bathrooms, the perfect temperatureis slightly higher than the rest of the house.

To keep out the cold after a shower, the optimal temperature should be around 22-23°.

And this is also the right temperature for the baby’s bath.

Lastly, don’t forget that, due to the high humidity levels in the bathroom, you should always ventilate this room, to prevent mould from forming.


The perfect living room and kitchen temperature

The perfect living room and kitchen temperature


Usually, the living room is the place where we spend most of our time, and therefore the one that needs more constant warmth.

For this reason, the ideal living room temperature is 19-21°.

Indeed, by setting this temperature, you will feel a pleasant warmth and feel at ease.

In addition, since in the living room you are often sitting down on couches or armchairs, resting, they should be placed at least 60 cm from heaters.

This way, you can ensure an optimal heat diffusion, and prevent overheating.

On the other hand, kitchens need less warmth than other rooms.

And the reason is simple: kitchen appliances, such as ovens and stove tops, emanate heat, increasing the temperature.

Consequently, in this room, you should set a temperature between 18-20°.



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