With the arrival of spring 2022 and the start of the heating season 2022, IRSAP NOW has decided to add to the range of colours for its intelligent thermostatic valves.

To the 20 colours already available in 2021, we have added another 26 in 2022, and then 7 more in 2023 to create a range that now has more than 50 colours.

This way, everyone can enjoy the advantages of an intelligent valve in the colour that best suits their preferences and their needs.

Heating system with intelligent thermostatic valves


Heating system with intelligent thermostatic valves


A heating system is intelligent  when it is specific, which means when it lets you heat where and when you need to, adapting to your needs.

With IRSAP NOW scheduling can be smart because it adapts to suit your needs, guaranteeing the maximum comfort but also maximum savings, because it optimises your use.

This is all possible thanks to the many advanced functions included with the system, such as those integrated into its intelligent thermostatic valves.

IRSAP NOW Smart Valves are equipped with an open window sensor that intervenes and switches off the heating temporarily and inside the room where a reduction in temperature of 1.5°C has been detected in 2 minutes.

This avoids pointlessly heating a room where it is cold because the air is being changed.

Thanks to the manual block function, it is possible to prevent unwanted variations in temperature that can occur while cleaning or due to the presence of children.

By installing a valve on all of the radiators in the house, it is possible to use the multi-zone function, which allows you to control each room in the house separately and independently, and setting the most suitable temperature for your heating needs in each one.

Smart Valves can always be controlled remotely using the Irsap Now app (available for smartphones ) which is free to use and without subscription.

IRSAP NOW smart thermostatic valves are a smart home system that can also be controlled using voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

New color smart intelligent wifi thermostatic valves IRSAP NOW

IRSAP NOW thermostatic valves: colourful as well as smart


However, heating is smart not just when it helps you to make the best use of your heating and save on costs, but also when it lets you heat your home with stylish, designer elements.

IRSAP NOW smart thermostatic valves have a design that is 100% Made in Italy: in fact, their look is simple, clean and elegant.

But that’s not all: Smart Valves are the only thermostatic valves on the market that, as well as being smart are also colourful.

Already in 2021 IRSAP NOW had a range of 20 different colours, now there are more than 50.

In fact, with the arrival of spring, IRSAP NOW introduced 7 new colours to offer clients the widest range possible.

This is IRSAP NOW’s way of making sure that anyone can find the right colour combination to make the most of any type of surroundings.

Take a look at the new colours and find the coloured thermostatic valve that best suits your needs.




Kit smart valve wifi

Smart Valve

229,00 £

Get maximum comfort and set the ideal temperature in each area of your home with the Smart Valve Kit. Control the temperature from wherever and whenever you want via smartphone. Our wireless thermostatic valves are compatible with all radiator brands and leading hydraulic valve manufacturers.


Smart Valve

85,00 £

Control the temperature of each room separately. Our wireless thermostatic valves are compatible with all radiator brands and leading hydraulic valve manufacturers.


Connection Unit & Repeater

115,00 £

Multi-storey or very large house? Add a Connection Unit to be used in Repeater mode to extend the signal to all rooms and ensure proper communication with other devices in your IRSAP NOW wireless heating system.